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anarchist clown house...what band played around 8 pm during the art hop?

if you heard them, it might be news to you.
i did not catch their name, but i found the several songs i heard to be quite fascinating. given the substantial crowd that had gathered, apparently others felt the same.
I had the same question 18.May.2005 17:29


That band kicks ass, and I asked the Clowns who told me their name is "Hurt Bird" and I think they're on Scary Monster Music.

Scary Monster Music
2407 NE Alberta Ave

Some other bands played at the Clown House, check out the Art Hop schedule:

Scary Monster Music 18.May.2005 19:57


Just to clarify, Scary Monster is a record store (mostly used) and the owner--dave--put the show together at the clown house. Anyway, I wasn't there at 8, but I think it probably was hurt bird. Maybe you could describe thier sound if your still unsure.

Anyway, you should stop in Scary Monster, they are a cool store, and have a small but excellent selection, plus they do cool stuff like put on shows at the clown house.

a few more details 18.May.2005 19:59


I looked at the Art on Alberta Link above, and I think the band you saw may have actually been Loch Lomand--who are described as "emotional, powerful alt folk". (Hurt Bird is kinda hip hoppy) Hope this helps.

gracias 18.May.2005 21:42


i am pretty sure they were loch lomand as i heard no hip hoppy...interestin' stuff fer sure.

oh yeah 21.May.2005 05:32


Oops, I'm pretty sure the band was Loch Lomand, the last band to play. About six guys, trading off on the lyrical duties and sometimes doing harmonies?

I found out they're on the High Karate label.

High Karate 07.Jul.2005 14:59


Both Played and both are on High Karate. They have Mp3s there - highkarate.com