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9.11 investigation

Martial Law 9-11: Rise of the Police State

A nutshell review of Alex Jones new video documentary
Title cover
Title cover
"Martial Law 9-11: Rise of the Police State", Alex Jones' latest documentary, addresses a number of different issues, all in the context of the major and widespread demonstrations that took place during last summer's Republican National Convention in New York City. Militarization of the police, government complicity in 9/11 events, Bohemian grove, and the Swartznegger campaign for president all get detailed coverage. "Martial Law" ranks better in production and video quality than most of the other Alex Jones video documentaries that I have seen. The background sound track is good, the film editing and editorial sequencing is good, and the attention to supporting references is good. I did find the rapid replays - where a 10 or 15 second clip gets repeated ten or twenty times for effect - a little bit annoying. I do think Jones could have developed the summary conclusions a little better, and used a statement of intent at the beginning to help the audience stay focused on the salient issues covered and the thesis being developed.

On the whole, "Martial Law" is worth the two hours running time it takes to watch. You can download it for free if you have a broadband connection. Jones does a pretty good job developing a central conclusion from all the desperate leads presented, and he comes pretty close to the truth: American is headed towards a fascist dictatorship.

With the breaking story of George Galloway, a new possibility has presented itself. The globalist agenda to dismantle the free American republic is being fought on two fronts. One front is through the control of the American political establishment, the other by a carefully crafted setup of America and the American people as international war criminals. If the shilled out American political establishment cannot dismantle America, then the fall back plan would be for the rest of the world, under the globalist's control, to declare war on America. The political shills will be safely flown out, and the American people interred to starve in prisoner of war camps, just like millions of Germans after the end of WWII.

Ultimately a third possibility will emerge, and this possibility may end up worse than the first two. The American people will indeed rise to the occasion - they will hand over the keys to the political shills and demand an intolerant religious dictatorship in which everyone will be told what to profess. The fervor of this religious dictatorship will not be stopped and it will sweep across and take over the world. In fact many Bible scholars believe this last scenario is most in line with scriptural prophecy - which the religious right has openly made their agenda. Unfortunately the religous right has shown itself more than capable of looking the other way when it comes to immorality in their own, chosen leaders.

Download "Martial Law 9-11: Rise of the Police State" from  http://www.archive.org/details/911theRoadtoTyranny

homepage: homepage: http://www.archive.org/details/911theRoadtoTyranny

yeah yeah no shit 18.May.2005 14:03


Ok folks, we know this country is a police state, we know it is going to get worse, YET, we feel safe in sitting here at our computers looking at these concrete manifestations of power without consulting our own culpability in fostering it, this is sensationalized truth, it is in sense revealing but also utterly simplistic, it should piss you off, but at the same time understanding the modalities that internalized and their qualities, they are for the most part ubiquitous. Wake UP.... and say good morning to the little fascist inside of you.

I say this FUCK the police state, but more importantly FUCK THE STATE.