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Wed 1 June 2005 Remove George Bush Day

Be part of a coordinated effort to remove Bush. Hit the media and politicians hard. Try it !
Join possibly the biggest rally against Bush that the world will ever see. The aim is for all of us to speak against Bush with 'ONE VERY LOUD VOICE' via millions of emails to all American media news desks and politicians on Wed 1 June 2005. I've already contacted hundreds of activist organisations across the world but also need your help NOW.

1. Email everyone you know asking them to email everyone they know (blind copy them if you like).

2. Your email tells everyone to contact media news desks and politicians on Wed 1 June 2005 requesting that Bush (a) Face charges of war crimes, (b) Be thoroughly investigated for conflict of interest and abuse of position with personal financial interests in Middle East pipelines and military equipment manufacturers.

3. For Wed 1 June 2005, email addresses of hundreds of American media news desks and politicians are listed at  http://MediaNewsDesks.blogspot.com or  http://www.rumormillnews.com/MEDIA_EMAIL_ADDRESSES.htm

4. Write the date on your calendar !

5. You can also sign an on-line petition to impeach George Bush at  http://www.votetoimpeach.org or  http://votenader.org/get_involved/impeach.php

You have support: In a poll of 22,000 people across 21 countries, 58% expected Bush to have a negative impact on peace and security, only 26% considered him a positive force, and dislike of Bush is translating into dislike of Americans in general.
22,000 peepz 14.May.2005 15:53

Elena R

> 22,000 people across 21 countries...

Unfortunately they CAN'T vote for impeachment.

Umm 14.May.2005 16:29


If you actually want to do something, you have to set up a protest RIGHT NOW. Unplanned protests turn into a police riot, and I don't think anyone likes the pain of pepper spray. So post something if there is going to be a protest in Portland. I know a lot of people who would go, just make sure you set it up. Comment back if anything is being planned.

Action 14.May.2005 19:02


The emailing is great, but it needs something more. Lets have a direct action to go along with the e-action. Ben is right, planning must start now for any even to be sucessful and non-violent.
Lets show the world how we feel by acting, not just typing it and sending it around the internet.

Impeach-then to the Hague 14.May.2005 19:18


Congress will be in their home districts on June 1

This goes right along with Give Congress Hell week...

"The Democrats have No Clothes: 'Leaders' Silent on The British Memo"



Watch You Don't Get What You Wish For 15.May.2005 00:13


Now, if there was some way to start lower and work up the chain...
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