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What the little airplane scare was for

In part, as suggested in story today --


it was the ongoing campaign to intimidate -- "Dr. Chaos warns DC workers just how vunerable their lives are."

But there's always a combination of motives that collude and conspire: in the case of the obvious phoney story about an errant little airplane shutting down DC for a couple of hours -- that was to give corporate media a big nothing to spin about. Reason? Bushco don't like the way people are continuing to "act out" their general discontent around the issue of judicial appointments.

That's right -- the filibuster issue. If today would have been a slowed-to-a-crawl-newsday, what would there have been for the masses to watch on the evening news? JUST ONE THING -- Princeton University students and friends performing their popular filibuster show! Especially now that the show has moved from the Princeton campus in New Jersey to the Capitol in DC. NOT what Bushco wants people to watch or even become aware of.

Check out the webcam --

It's called the "Frist filibuster" back East because it all started at a Princeton University building that is named for Frist (Republican boss of the US Senate) and paid for by the Frist family. After two weeks of non-stop "filibustering," the Princeton students have come to Washington, where they have been joined by scores of college students, to continue their filibuster at the Capitol Reflecting Pool outside the Senate. It's people reading the US Constitution, poetry, the UN Charter, the Texas declaration of independence and the Texas constitution (piped in from Texas), whatever! Plus there's loads of human interest stories in who are these students and where are they from -- the kind of thing that draws so-called "television jouralists" like flies to you know what.

The Washington filibuster will feature legal scholars and a Nobel prize winning physicist, as well as students from Howard University, Georgetown University, Trinity College, George Washington University and American University.

The student filibuster began at 10 a.m. on Wednesday and will continue throughout the night, ending at 11 a.m. Thursday with press conference and rally with members of the House and Senate.

The event is being supported by People for the American Way and another allied organization, Young People For and by Campus Progress.


Bushco and Republicans at large just hate this "leftist" stuff when it's connected with college students. Reminds them of the 60's. Ooooooo! Scarey! Might have to shoot some of them like at Kent State. But Princeton students? That's like Ivy League!

It's got to be truly fotogenic and news worthy. That's another thing that Bushco hate about it. Plus, the only thing it lacks is -- BLOOD! That means that the cops, although they tried mild forms of harrassment back in New Jersey, they can't be allowed to move in and instigate a "riot" as is the usual procedure for such situations.

So, I enjoy watching it. Warms my heart to think of nasty old Karl Rove getting an upset stomach and taking tum after tum. This is the kind of thing that the Yuppies excelled at. Who knows what this could lead to?

Why Princeton? Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist - who is leading the "nuclear option" charge to eliminate the filibuster for judicial nominations - is Princeton Class of '74. Therefore, to protest this destructive move, members of the Princeton University community came together to hold a non-stop "filibuster" outside the Frist Campus Center (a building sponsored by Senator Frist's family) beginning on April 26.

Find out all about the "Frist Filibuster" and check out the webcam:


Also, information at People for the American Way:

rehearsal for more majority hijinks? 12.May.2005 09:37

filibuster frist

that whole bullshit plane scare was a farce. and the princeton filibuster is as good as any anti-fascist-agenda event to focus on.