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the single most dangerous weapon facing us
The fact is they can now CHOKE A PERSON TO DEATH ELECTRONICALLY. (and much more)
Let the Perps come and try to discredit what I am reporting: Be certain the comments below will be filled with them because they do not want the truth to come out: However enough 'suspicious murders' abound along with real evidence of the incredible strides and money that has been poured into electromagnetic weapons which are now fine tuned to assassinate invisibly leaving NO EVIDENCE.

You don't believe it?
Visit these urls:

It is important that you go to the urls that I list as these will at least inform the uninformed of what is really going on. Then you will have no excuse for what we ALL will eventually face. You... my fellow human beings will pay the price for remaining ignorant. Be afraid. Be very afraid. In the face of their new electronic weapons which they have created in secret ... your guns and ammunition will have little or NO EFFECT.

And that is what they have already almost accomplished with me 3 times.

In early February 2005
~ The first time, the residents in my former house in the house where I formerly lived were woken up by me gasping for air in the middle of the night. Electronically, they are able to partially close up the windpipe so that a person can barely breathe and will choke to death. That was done to me after I tried to contact Ed Asner about the constant fear of being stalked and threatened with murder. Shortly after that, amidst almost being knocked off of the road several times, they tried surrounding me in the parking lot of Saks 5th Avenue, Palm Desert, CA to stop me from leaving the country so they could get their 'legal ducks in a row' and arrest me for bogus 'credit card fraud' charges. Shortly after I left the USA, they arrested 100,000 so-called felons across the nation.

May 6 2005
~ Here in India 4 nights ago after telephoning Arlene Johnson of www.truedemocracy.net, I was again abruptly woken up by 'something' closing up my windpipe and choking me. This was an attempt to threaten me a second time.

May 8 2005
~ 2 nights ago -- the guesthouse proprietors of where I am staying were woken up by me staggering out of my hotel door - again gasping for breath and unable to breathe. This was all done electronically -- in retaliation for trying to contact Stephen DeVoy.

IF I DIE... IT WAS MURDER -- whatever the reason given-- it will be electronic murder.

Below is a partial re-post of my original account:

Since the Fall of 2004, they have literally been trying to murder me. I posted this information at the time of each event. This has culminated with a campaign to kill me and try to make it look like an accident.
These are the cars with license plate numbers of those who have literally tried to push me off the road by sideswiping me. Many more cars tried but I couldn't get their license plate #'s.
All California plates:

4JJD727 Black car
2FPK059 Gold older Volvo
3DHG785 White car

1052115 "City of Riverside" written on outside of Grey car
4CL1362 white Honda Accord—stout Hispanic man.

February 7, 2005

A group of about 4 Black Ops agents were waiting in the parking lot of Saks Fifth Avenue in Palm Desert, California and began to surround me as I walked toward my car. I had enough time to run back into the store and call my friends. Luck was with me or I would have been one of those people that 'has disappeared'.

The Real Story of How Things Are Changing In America
Leslie Oliver

"COINTELPRO a covert government program is in clear violation of the US Constitution and a wide range of US laws, as well as, in clear breach of internationally accepted standards for human rights and fundamental freedoms. That our government would turn its full resources against its own law-abiding citizens is unforgivable and ranks us among those rogue nations of the world who have chosen to kill hope and sow misery in its place," -- Congresswoman McKinney.

*Sept. 9th 2003, While sitting in the FBI lobby in San Diego, CA waiting to see an FBI agent Matt Brown on another matter -- a man who stated his name as (I believe) Sam Schwartz walked in and asked to speak with an FBI agent. A blonde, middle-aged female agent appeared and ushered him into an adjacent room off the lobby. Although I was trying very hard not to listen, every word of their ensuing conversation could be heard clearly in the waiting area.

He began to tell a story of harassment, threats, physical assaults, phone tapping and violence. One day, without knowing how he got there, he found himself committed into a mental institution and labeled a "5150 Paranoid". He also noticed that one of his eyebrows had been shaved off. Sam Schwartz was also very concerned because people with 'Arab names' kept calling his home, leaving messages which referred to private incidents which only he and his wife knew about. He was very afraid that he would be labeled 'a terrorist' because of these extremely unsettling phone calls.

But what was totally unexpected was the reaction of the FBI agent who, although feigning sympathy for Sam Schwartz's predicament asked no questions which might lead to the identity of the perpetrators and apparently had not the slightest interest in noting any details. Instead, she suggested HE HIRE HIS OWN private investigator and ushered him out the door.
Sam Schwartz' story is a relevant addition to the report below.

The following report is an accurate account of the illegal, violent atrocities and numerous attempts to murder me by what is now know to be the 'black ops' of the corrupt U.S. government or 'organized crime'. This new American mafia is condoned, supported and protected by local police, federal law enforcement agencies and all levels of government, including the very highest offices.

From 1999 until late 2003, I was the proprietor of 2 websites (www.foreigndrugs.com + www.pharmacyway.com) which sold information only on contacting Mexican pharmacies and other foreign pharmacies abroad to purchase medicines over the counter at discounts of up to 80%. My internet business suddenly took off at a phenomenal speed when CBS, NBC, ABC news began inundating the airways with frenzied reports of how easy it was to purchase inexpensive pharmaceuticals for less cost outside the country. It also became evident that 'the American people' were being gauged by the pharmaceutical manufacturers at every level—in the drugstores and by the receipt of generous tax exemptions for research.

In August 2000, I retained the law firm of Brull, Piccionelli, Sarno, Braun & Vradenburgh in Los Angeles (310 553-3375) to re-write the copy on my website after hearing about an article printed in the Mexican newspaper, "Tijuana Frontera" which reported that the DEA was going to prosecute American websites that advertised offshore pharmacies, although they were protected by the First Amendment. In short -- it was a 'witch-hunt'. During that same period, I hired Private Investigator, Roger Tolces of www.bugsweeps.com - to check my telephone line and he confirmed that it was tapped. I also spoke with a criminal attorney, Eric Shevin -- the son of a friend of mine and I asked him what he thought of the situation.

His immediate response was, "Get off the internet, NOW."
I was shocked and asked "Why?"
He replied, "You're going to get caught in the middle of a very explosive political situation that you don't want to be part of".

I not only didn't understand what he meant, I didn't see why I should suddenly cut off my income. Every attorney I spoke with later - and I consulted with no less than eleven lawyers that year -- shook their head and replied, "What's the problem? You're protected by the First Amendment."
So I opted to have the website rewritten by First Amendment Attorney, Robert Sarno using Criminal Attorney Eric Shevin (310 276-2231) as a consultant. We made certain the website not only conformed to all US laws but we also conspicuously displayed the legal guidelines for 'personal importation' which we copied verbatim from the FDA's own website.

Three months later, a man, who called himself a U.S. customs agent telephoned me at home and asked me 'why I put up the website' and 'what medicines I personally bought in Mexico'. I replied that "I felt the website would be of interest to people all over the world and the medicine I bought in Mexico was not his concern." He began a tirade of accusations, saying I was 'helping Americans import medicine illegally from Mexico', citing specific copy on my website which he insisted was 'unlawful'. Unfortunately the copy he criticized was exactly what we copied verbatim from the FDA website itself. I suggested he re-acquaint himself with FDA guidelines and directed him to my attorneys. A future meeting was arranged by my attorney Robert Sarno with the customs officer and myself. I was more than willing to acquiese to almost any change on my website that might be suggested by this agent. However on the scheduled day, we waited for the U.S. customs officer who never called to cancel, never showed up and never tried to reschedule. Attorney Bob Sarno shrugged his shoulders and said, "I guess that's the end of that". He couldn't have been more wrong.
Around March 2002, I received a call from a so-called delivery service. I was expecting a package and asked "by the way, what are you delivering?". He replied, "Flowers" but refused to tell me who they were from. He then inquired if I was married. I refused to tell him. I actually thought it was a friend playing a joke.
Weeks later, I noticed no matter where I drove or at what time - a beat-up, old "muscle car" always was in back of me and always driven by rough-looking hispanic men or skin-head types. It began to dawn on me that I was being followed but I couldn't imagine why. I also noted that it was never the same car or driver which meant the funding for this bizarre campaign came from an organization with seemingly unlimited resources. I concluded the campaign was being initiated by a rich, pharmaceutical company. Never once did I imagine it was my own government stalking me.
At the time, I lived alone in a 4-bedroom house on 3.5-acres in the desert. The newly paved road led up to a dead-end, with few houses on either side and almost no traffic. Within days, traffic picked up considerably. A barrage of beat-up trucks, vans, muscle cars with nasty-looking Hispanic men donning full-body tattoos and hairnets, one right after the other, began driving back and forth day and night, always stopping in front of my house to either loudly rev up their motors, bombard me with music or shine headlights into my bedroom at 3:00 in the morning. Usually around midnight, I'd receive 5 or 6 ominous late-night phone calls where the caller would either stay on the line without speaking or a man would shout profanities and hang up. It was becoming obvious that this 'pharmaceutical company' also had access to my private telephone conversations because with every arrangement I made, one or two men looking like escapees from Sing-Sing prison would be congregating outside my destination like the bank or web designers office, etc. and make lude comments or hold up a switchblade knife as I passed Unbeknownst to me at the time, this was one of many covert harassment techniques being used on more and more citizens.
Next, I began hearing people on my roof or in the crawl space of my house but could never find anyone. I could not figure out how they entered. At night, I'd see flashlights being used right outside my bedroom window and hear men loudly whispering to each other and laughing. It was no accident that they arranged their trespassing in close proximity to whatever bedroom I was occupying. They wanted me to hear them. At that time nothing ever appeared to be stolen or out of place. The only item I found to be missing was my personal phone book which mysteriously 'reappeared' a few days later in full view on my desk.—no doubt after being copied.
During that same period, I had been consulting in the mountains every day (Hwy 74), driving around hairpin turns with very steep drops on either side of the road. One day, I couldn't help but notice something very peculiar. During that same period, I had been consulting in the mountains every day (Hwy 74), driving around hairpin turns with very steep drops on either side of the harrowing road. One day, I couldn't help but notice something very peculiar. At every one of the 4 or 5 turnaround points, where a driver would normally pull off the road only long enough to let faster traffic pass, an Hispanic man sat parked in a beat up car. The same odd group of Hispanic men in parked vehicles lining the road was evident on my return trip down the mountain, as well.
Days later, because of hearing a loud thumping sound, I took my car into a garage and was told by the mechanic that my caliper nut which connects the brake fluid line to the brakes had been taken off! In order to deliberately take off a caliper pin -- because it does not fall off -- one needs to remove the whole tire, unhinge the cover of the caliper itself and take off the pin - which one can do without detection if a car is parked in a remote place. Not having the caliper pin in place would have prevented the brake fluid from reaching my brakes - causing them to malfunction - sending me off a mountain cliff to my death!
Suddenly I understood why all those Hispanic men were sitting parked all along Hwy 74! They were waiting to see how another murder is successfully staged by U.S. government hit men.
At that point, I realized that I was dealing with ruthless murderers who were being paid to kill me. With only a background as an actress, art and writing, I was suddenly confronted with an almost surreal reality. Someone was actually trying to murder me! Fearing for my life and in a total state of panic-- I refused to spend an evening alone at home and was forced to stay with various friends or take motel rooms down the street from my house.
Weeks later, a so-called pharmacist in Tijuana, Mexico by the name of 'Juan Valdez' telephoned me on my cell phone -- which no customer or Mexican pharmacy had access to -- inquiring, "You're not dead yet?" He then kept insisting I put him in my information Guide.
I still was under the assumption that this was being perpetrated by some pharmaceutical company -- because of the sheer extravagance and total absurdity of the program.
I called upon Roger Tolces PI again and asked him what to do. He apprised me immediately of BLACK OPS and COINTELPRO which are still in effect covertly. He then printed out an expose written by ex-CIA agent Julianna McKinney which was posted on the Internet. The harassment, strong-arming techniques, threats, covert and staged murders, stalking and much more were described in that report and were identical to my experience.
This was a shocking realization. It was almost unbearable to face. My own government had orchestrated this vicious attempt on my life. Never having had any interest in politics and absolutely no experience with law enforcement, I realized that I was uninformed and thus extremely naïve about the world. I, like many Americans, was under the illusion that I was living in a democracy... or at the very least that I was living amongst people who were 'civilized'. However, upon squarely facing the raw truth and horror of the reality, some kind of intelligence which even took the form of 'clairvoyance' began to permeate every cell of my body and 'the dots began to connect'.
Suddenly I realized that 'Juan Valdez' was in reality 'a Black ops agent' who was attempting to entrap me for 'conspiracy'. That was another foolproof way to get me off the internet. If I had included him in my Mexican Pharmacy Guide he could have created any kind of situation to make it look like I was doing business with him which would have led to very serious drug charges. I also remembered being emailed months earlier by a Mexican woman, who insisted that she was a pharmacist and asked to be listed in my Guide. I never bothered to meet her as I was at that time rarely making the 2 hour trip to Mexico and I never listed her because she was very pushy and I didn't care for her. Suddenly that same woman started calling me again. I then also realized she too was a 'Black ops agent' poised to entrap me.
During the summer of 2002, even while my mother lay dying at my sisters home in Westchester, New York-- I was still harassed. Late at night I would hear footsteps below. I distinctly felt something invisible sweep over me that seemed to know which room I was in. (later I learned it is equipment that can 'find' someone by their DNA)
Another day with only the housekeeper on the premises standing next to me, I made a telephone call downstairs in the kitchen. 'Someone' very loudly picked up an extension upstairs and hung up again. When I searched the upper floors, I found no one.
While driving my mothers car in NY, the battery started without a problem when I first arrived but suddenly went totally dead. I replaced it. When I returned home to California -- the battery in my own car went dead. I replaced it. A few weeks later that battery went dead. I replaced it again and about 3 months later, while travelling in New Mexico the new battery too began to go dead. Battery corrosion - believe it or not is another harassment technique being used on people to engender negativity and to waste money so that little by little their resources are completely drained.
In local Motels, I would inevitably hear drilling coming from the room below,
hang ups would commence continuing throughout the night until the morning, people would knock loudly on the door and then I would see them run away in the peephole.
On one such 2-night escape to the Red Roof Inn only a few blocks from where I live, a man in a red van tried to pull me into his car (though police insisted that the man tried to steal my purse). I called the police and an Officer Pohl finally filed a report. Palm Desert Sheriffs Department #ORO2. I saw the same man in the same car a few days later waiting for me in a parking lot at Dennys restaurant on Varner Blvc. I wrote down License plate #5D65901 RED Dodge Truck with Shell, left a message for Officer M. Pohl and faxed it to the precinct but there was no effort to trace the owner of the car. Later I found out that Officer Pohl is one of the many corrupt cops.
I had previously summoned the police on at least 4 different occasions to complain about stalkers, prowlers, etc., but no report was ever written-up. There was always an excuse. If I didn't have the license plate number then the police officer told me I needed to get the license plate number the next time. If I did have the license plate number the police officer said he couldn't arrest anyone just on a license plate number. If I asked them to take fingerprints around my house after a break-in, they couldn't do it because it wouldn't make a difference anyway. I learned quickly not to expect anything from the local police because they work with the so-called 'shadow government' and cover for them -- but I called to report break ins so it was on record.
I have been almost pushed off the road 3 or 4 times, I continued to hear people in my house. I have seen one tall thin man with black hair leaving my property in broad daylight, open the front gate and enter a car that had just pulled up. I heard a woman coughing in the crawl space of my house after I had sprayed the area with pepper spray and I have had at least 6 more illegal entries into my car and house where they have stolen cash and valuables. One day, after coming back from a day in Mexico, there were freshly made mens footprints along with dog prints (my dog had accompanied me to Mexico) throughout the property.
After discussing on the phone the possibility of producing commercials to expose these criminals, I found a severed Ethernet (Internet) cable that had been ripped out of the socket lying on the floor. This was not only a blatant threat of what was to come if I 'blew the whistle', it was an outrage that someone was listening on my telephone line.
I then hired Roger Tolces, PI again from www.bugsweeps.com to measure the electro magnetic air waves that I could feel day and night. He measured the microwaves pulsing into my house steadily at 958 megahurtz. However Roger told me later he could not testify in court as he is afraid of what the government might do to him. He had already had his office broken into and his files ransacked by U.S. law enforcement agents.
In an effort to also put me out of business, my email client list of 8,000 addresses was made virtually useless when I sent out a notice to old customers selling an updated list. Normally my list would bring in a few thousand dollars two times a year. But with the help of 'Magic Lantern' -- the program the U.S. government uses to spy, interact with, and usurp email-- very few of those email reached their destination. I also gave permission to an online pharmaceutical company called "Secure Medical" to use that same email list. They also sent out notices but only about 500 emails got delivered. The salesman I was working with, Mike Larchik's only comment at the time was, "That is the weirdest thing I've ever seen".
Any email or U.S. Mail which is not flattering or which contains incriminating information about the government is quickly read and sabotaged. Before I understood how widespread this corruption was in the U.S. Government, like a good law-abiding citizen, I sent letters out to ALL members of the (Democratic) Senate and House, documenting the criminal actions of what I believed was a rogue government agency.
I did not receive one response.
Senator Byrd's office practically hung up the phone on me. And although the ACLU supposedly is an organization that 'upholds human rights and civil liberties' they said they could do nothing. The Attorney General in Indio, CA who is part of the corruption, laughed and said "Where's your evidence?" (Funny, I thought it was his job to investigate.) Congresswoman Mary Bono's office, represented by Mr. Penrod apparently knew what was going on but said 'it wasn't his problem'. He referred me back to the corrupt Attorney General in Indio. And although I am aware that Congressman Ron Paul knows a great deal about the so-called non-lethal weapons being used on most citizens - as does ALL of the U.S. Senate and House -- I never received any response from him either.


This really needs to be investigated 11.May.2005 10:19

Jody Paulson

I'm well aware of how paranoid and crazy your narrative would sound to most people, but it sounds spot on. Similar things have happened to me and I've spent a bit of time trying to study other cases. I posted my account here as well:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/09/296845.shtml

It's very hard for a rational person to account for how "they" can spend obviously so much time and money on someone who appears to not be that important. Maybe a subtle form of hypnosis is involved?? All I can say is that I too have experienced an almost "psychic" kind of intuition involving these types of activities, and there must be some sort of explanation for the similar types of experiences that have been reported all over the world. The best defense, in my estimation, is to practice meditation and try to develop yourself spiritually. I can't say why, but this has helped me (and others) immensely.

Electromagnetic weapons are being used in Iraq, too 11.May.2005 10:39

Jody Paulson

Just thought I'd pass this along...

Also, I beg to differ with your advice: "Be afraid. Be very afraid."

Now is not the time to be afraid. Now is the time to expose the truth.

Petition to Cease and Ban Direct Energy and Electronic Surveillance 11.May.2005 11:31

Ken Lee kenjune@dnet.net

Consider signing on with other victims and supporters to end electronic targeting.

International Petition

Petition to U. S. Government Agencies and any Other Agency to Cease and Ban Direct Energy Programs and Electronic Surveillance of Humans.

April 8, 2004-Present
Internet address:  http://www.ethical-business.com/default.asp?sect=detail&pet=1013
(Petition them.com: Human Rights)

I submit the petition every so often to suspect agencies.

And remember, there is an emergency petition in front of the Senate Subcommittee on Civil to cause end to the harassment (sent to Sen. Brownback's office).

You might give them a nudge to cause hearings on the matter.


Keep Making Noise 11.May.2005 11:38


Paranoid or not, getting information out about your situation offers a lot more protection than clamming up.

electronic choking still not explained 11.May.2005 15:58


I did not find the word "choke" or "windpipe" in either of the two articles that I could bring up (the third did not open) and didn't see the electronic choking phenomenon eleborated on in your article. If you're so concerned with educating us about it, why don't you just explain how this works rather than making us search for the info to find it out?

Directed Energy Weapons are real 12.May.2005 00:06

I'm sorry you and so many Americans are going through this!

by K.S. Targeted in California

This is a serious issue that needs to be exposed.
It is serious enough that 100s of people around the country are meeting, setting up conference calls, online forums, moving out of their houses because they are getting attacked with electronic weapons, none of these people knew each other before any of this electronic torture started. The sad thing about this is to many people are suffering in silence, and those who are willing to speak out need to keep speaking out, because the truth is if we don't get this expose and stopped everyone is a potiential target. Thanks for writing up your account, consider working with people in your area to take their accounts to their senator and request a impartial hearing, and tell them there are many people across the U.S. who are suffering because of this. Also consider working for legislation to regulate the use and misuse of Directed Energy Weapons.

for sale to the public online right now and being used on people across the country.... many different kinds of electronic weapons that cause pain, and discomfort all from a remote location, some are sold to be mounted on vehicles others are hand held, and some are military, whatever to whoever these weapons are real, are being used, and need to be exposed.

from a military website
"disorientation devices
Nonlethal weapon ammunition which, upon impact, inflicts an electric shock that potentially causes disorientation of the target individuals."

Zapping of Americans 12.May.2005 09:26

Carolyn Palit noexoticewarfarezone@yahoo.com

You might want to see:  http://www.noexoticwarfarezone.com/americakillersatellites.com

There are microwaves x-rays and something like a particle-ion beam coming out of satellites attacking Americans. It is used in conjunction with mind control programs to send holograms, sounds, and thoughts to targetted individuals. The programs are transmitted on a gas plasma generated by electromagnetically heating up the chemtrails.

Aluminum particulates heated up by EM creates a gas plasma that can be used for Navy horizontal drift antennas (to listen), Air Force columnar focal lenses (to watch you), and "orbs" that can scan you brain and be used to transmit digital analog sound and are highly, refractive, optically (for the holographic movies and sending "thought."

Don't think the tech exists? Read the patent by Maguire, "Passive Virtual Reality." I am not saying Maguire is involved, but his patent when carefully read will tell you about the state of the art. And, yes, they can transmit thought on a gas plasma.

They tried to choke me also. A number of times. I believe it is done by mapping the frequency of your windpipe to remotely give it signals to close off. Frequency weapons.

They are doing the same stuff to kids. Little kids.


By the way: you can film it.

And, measure it with meters.


It's real 12.May.2005 11:07


Robert C. Beck, Eldon A. Byrd and Anthony Ferraro developed the technology beginning in the 50's through 70's before the whole operation went black. Remote Viewers are still needed, but HAARP technology makes mass control easier. A centered mind is the best defense. Check out beat frequencies and brain wave entrainment if you listen to your iPod. Psychoactive frequencies can be piggybacked on any RF frequency. Like the first guy said, relax, if they wanted to take you out, you would be gone. Most of us jerks are just subject to generic mindcontrol, with a few UFO hoax's thrown in to keep the paranoid schizophrenics guessing.

also a victim 12.May.2005 12:32

Jennifer Hanna spelloff@yahoo.com

I am also a victim of electronic harrassment and I believe my children are as well. I do not know where to turn somtimes, but I know this stuff is real. The more my credibility is challanged, the more I have no doubt.

They ARE Taking Her Out -- just Slowly with no traces 22.May.2005 16:17

Carolyn Williams Palit

They don't need "remote viewers" -- that is probably just a whole psyops story to cover the real story of them using gas plasma for remote viewing.

They heat up the warfare chemtrail spray to make the invisible gas. Gas plasma can be used to transmit holograms and sounds. Victims are measuring x-rays and microwaves directed at them. They are photographing the mind control torture.

Go look:  http://www.noexoticwarfarezone.com/americankillersatellites.htm
the page "film mind control torture" tells you how to film it.

Chemtrail photographers might want to point the cameras at themselves, frieds, and people's houses instead of up there at the chemtrails. Try it for a change.


get rid of it......

I have been the victim of electronic harrassment. I have not given up because I plan to figth back and MAKE SOME NOISE !!!!!!!!! as long as you are quiet they will think it is o.k Tell everyone, I don't care if they don't believe you or even if they think you are crazy.
countermeasure for your protection
www.grandtrades.net if you think you are wacth by a hidden wireless camera.
some of the devices they use can be found at any spy store.
example www.spyzill.com- you can buy any listening device.
www.followus.com/ if you give your cellphone number out this website will give your location if they have your cell phone number.
www.zabasearch.com/ will help you locate anyone with a physical address.
if you have the name and address, then how easy is it to get your email address.
www.ripe.net/ will verify anyone's ip address-the owner of email address.
www.1st-at-gps-tracking.com/ will allow you to keep track of anyone by placing a gps device on their vehicle. I or anyone can have full view online where you are at 24 hours a day. This type of stuff sold online has ruin my life. I pray to GOD that they do get rid of it.

freedom security and justice for All Petition 06.Sep.2005 09:18


Appeal: Call untill Support and Solidarity.

freedom security and justice for All Petition.

International Petition
Petition to U. S. Government Agencies and any Other Agency to Cease and Ban Direct Energy Programs and Electronic Surveillance of Innocent Humans.
April 8, 2004- (Present)
(Petition them.com: Human Rights)

1. The International petition to Cease and Ban Direct Energy and Electronic Surveillance of Humans is located at :

To the ministers of: General Affairs The Interior and the kingdome relations Economic Affairs Justice Education,Culture,and Science The European Parliament The Amnesty International September 4, 2005- (Present)
(Petition them.com: Human Rights)

2. The Netherlands Petition to Cease and Ban Direct Energy From Space and Stop
targeting humans is located at:
freedom security and justice for All Petition

Cease and Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network, Coercive Persuasion, Psychological Harassment , Terrorism and Racism, Aerialmindcontrol broadcasts against Human subject and non-consensual human experimentation; [Human Effects Testing.].

F.A.C.T uses "coercive psychological systems" as an umbrella
term to include all types of unethical mind control such as
brainwashing, thought reform, destructive persuasion and
coercive persuasion. Because different terms are used in
different contexts, it was necessary to select one umbrella term
to encompass all references to this growing danger.
FACTNet, Inc. (Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network ...


"In the past the individual could face risks and pressures with preservation of his own identity. His body could be tortured, his thoughts and desires could be challenged by bribes, by emotions, and by public opinion, and his behavior could be influenced by environmental circumstances, but he allways had the privilige of deciding his own fate, of dying for an ideal without changing his mind... New neurological technology, however, has a refined efficiency. The individual is defenseless against dicrect manipulation of the brain... " (Jose Delgado, 1969, neurophysiologist at the Yale University).

Thank you for sending this email to your friends.

harrassment 01.Oct.2005 02:44

pete U bodyevolution@cox.net

I have been harrassed now for 14 years..survellience via microwave,radiation..causing nausea, audio and holograph shit... the purpose is to prevent me from having fun everytime I party...they know if I confront them they will can blame the drugs.. fuckheads .. I knoe who is behind it but how do catch the invisible invader of my privacy and serenity....????

The cops use electronic weapons 02.Nov.2005 14:02

littlehorn rdonaz1@yahoo.com

They use it on me day and night. They use some type of implants to cause pain while sitting and stimulation of the genital area. They also employ voice to skull technology. In addition they use East German style gangs to harrass and surveillence people, usually done not by cops but some low life informant types. Most disturbing is their use to frame and set up people. Its real, not made up. I'm not crazy and they will continue to use it in the future if not held accountable or stopped.

Criminal Elite Shadow Government Players 21.May.2006 14:31

Joe Martin editor@informamerica.net

As I wrote in my new issue "Candidates For The Con", Issue #1., There are U.S crime families who have
bled the U.S. of resources, money, logistics, and human life since before the John F. Kennedy assassi-
nation, and will probably lose our precious freedoms and constitutional rights for good if they cannot
be prosecuted and brought to justice. The crime families are in control of much of the high so-called
law enforcement and intelligence agencies and I believe they order the destruction of knowledgeable,
responsible, intelligent citizens who have eyes to "see" what's up. The only way they can continue to
perpetrate their scam, or "con", as I have called it, is to accomplish the illegal acts of electronic
murder and other crimes in secret. This is why they arranged to pass the so called "Patriot Act"
which I have mentioned in my free articles at www.informamerica.net/. This act even furthers the
illegal advantage huge U.S. agencies have against a U.S. citizen by creating more capability to
"blindside" a "target-victim", and utterly destroy him or her. Some features of various investigation
on a target victim under the Patriot Act provide for prohibiting anyone telling the target victim that
he or she is actually under an investigation. The so-called surveillance devices can actually be used
as, or teamed with radiation-producing weapon-devices and with various "carrier waves" in use nowadays,
some victims who even have meters and detectors cannot always be certain what kind of weapon is being
directed at them.For more free information go to www.informamerica.net/ and read "The New Torture Murder Surveillance Of Amerika", and, "C-Span Panel Indicates Government Lying About Surveillance".

UltraSonics police sound weapons explained 16.Jun.2006 09:41

joe martin editor@informamerica.net

Police are using actual sound guns, sophisticated electronic sound weaponry against American Civilians.
To understand more of this technology & how perps operate above the law go to the following link:
www.geocities.com/hightechharassment/ or scroll down to "police abuse" and click on "Police Secret
Sound Weapons Used on Americans-sonic" at my site, www.informamerica.net/ and, incidentally, for all
of you who wondered about the many police shootings and so-called suicides which look rather
"arranged", I have read internet statements that suggest victims are first overcome with mega-doses of
radar and then "suicided" with help while having been rendered completely helpless first. I suggest it
is these sound gun weapons which are also used to knock out such set up victims, as well, or even a
combination of both radar focused from multiple sources used in conjunction with the actual force-field
sound cannon weapons. Such sound weapons are in use in various prison systems to control inmates in
the yard. Apparently a guard can knock an inmate down with these sound guns from hundreds of feet
away. This would explain the rash of car chases and shootings with police which have occurred over the
past few decades. There must be many citizens who have had knowledge of these systems so they choose to
flee desperately or shoot with the police fearing they will be set up, especially without enough wit-
nesses. In his excellent book, "The Professional Paranoid", author Sweeney suggests caution before
trusting law enforcement. For info on IMPLANTS go to www.us-government-torture.com

schizophrenia paranoid 26.May.2007 16:46

a friend

taken advantage of. bilked for thousands of dollars. cult members took youth, sanity and money . oh the pity