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KBOO morning news headlines

posting the headlines so you can:
a) check out que ha pasado in the last 24 hours
b) give us feedback if we've missed any stories
Here it is then:

1. Oregon legislature is considering several bill
intended to crack down on illegal immigration.
2. The government is going to start paying hospitals
and doctors for emergency care for undocumented
3. Clean-up begins at Oregon uranium mines - 15 years
4. CPRO Capital gains tax
5. ONS Oregon is sending people to prison 4 times
faster than the national average.
6. One billionth acre of biotech planted to day.
7. Alaska jury finds Greenpeace guilty of
environmental criminal charges.
8. Schwarzenegger proposes sweeping merger of energy
9. FSRN Drastic cuts to section 8 voucher program.
10.Bolton's public speech had to be restricted - too
incendiary, y'know.
11.Condoleeza Rice defends witholding files on Bolton.
12.FSRN Democrats threaten to shut down Senate over
changes to the filibuster rules.
13.Tony Blair fends offf criticism from his own party,
demends that he step down.
14.Spain grants amnesty to 700 thousand immigrants.
15.UE and Russia sign pact.
16.IRA influence in FARC attacks.
17.FSRN Hugo Chavez tells oil companies to pay taxes
of leave.
18.US claims success in Iraq-Syria border offensive.
19.Jordan, Israel and Palestine sign deal to construct
a canal between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea.

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