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Portland School Board???

Seriously I know everybody is busy being radical, but can we please get some indymedia reporting on the School Board Election?
Being that there seems to be so little if any information besides Voters Guide, which is just the candidates statement. I'd be very pleased to find some good information so I can make up my own mind.
hear hear 09.May.2005 21:07

regular reader

i got my ballot in the mail for this "special election" and i hadn't heard anything about it and don't know how to vote. i was hoping someone would post something here giving me some ideas.

Willy Week 09.May.2005 21:11


The Willy Week made its recommendations. I know that it is not filled with good information about the candidates, but it seems like they are actually being reasonable in their choices. I say this because I first read all of the candidate statements and marked the ones that I would feel good about voting for. In all cases, Willy Week chose one of my finalists, and in the end I had only selected a different candidate once.

I used Willy Week because I tried to do some searching online and there was virtually nothing of use.

At any rate, you can filter out many of the conservative reactionaries just by reading what they placed in the voter's guide, and after that you'll have eliminated most of the candidates.

Still, it would be cool if somebody did some comparisons based upon a liberal perspective.

creatioism and school board elections 10.May.2005 11:18


OPB did a good story on the school board election, the person I was leaning to turned out to support the teaching of creationism. I googled "OPB school board election" and came up with some good sites. Hope this helps, it worries me if not enough of us vote we will end up with creationism in our classrooms (I could go live in Kansas if I wanted that!) and a nut job who wants only whites and the military at PPC!
happy voting