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Move on Moves on

A Contest
In his nationally-televised prime time press conference, George W. Bush showed his cards—embracing massive cuts in Social Security benefits as part and parcel of Social Security privatization. Today, we're announcing the winner of Bush in 30 Years—a grassroots contest to find the best Macromedia Flash animation or game that explains the Republicans' Social Security scam.

Lots of brilliant Flash animators worked long and hard, and they created hilarious, bold entries. More than 140,000 MoveOn members voted to decide the ten finalists. Our panel of celebrity judges—actor John Cusack, comedian and radio host Al Franken, columnist Arianna Huffington, filmmaker Richard Linklater, and animator Aaron McGruder—chose a winner.

And the winner is..."If it ain't broke, don't privatize it!" by Andy Menconi of San Francisco, California. Both the judges and MoveOn members picked "If it ain't broke" as their favorite—a popular and critical smash hit!

See the winning entry in our Bush in 30 Years contest at:


With subtle humor and clean visuals, "If it ain't broke" makes things clear: Bush's private accounts will do nothing to strengthen Social Security. Instead, they'll cut benefits and add trillions in new debt, all to gamble on Wall Street with your retirement savings.

With your help, this animation could inspire tens of thousands of new people to join the fight to protect Social Security. Help get your friends, family, and co-workers involved by passing along this winning animation today.

Watch the winner, then pass it along by clicking here:


Later this week, we'll advertise the winner on The New York Times website and MySpace.com, a popular youth website, reaching millions of people who are making up their minds about Social Security privatization. You can help run those ads by donating at the link above.

The president has been campaigning hard to privatize Social Security since his State of the Union address in January. That's nearly four months of non-stop, election-style campaigning. Yet everywhere the president goes, the poll numbers show that the public widely disapproves of his proposal to cut benefits and privatize Social Security. This looks like a win in the works—but we need to stay vigilant.

Thanks for all that you do.


-Laura, Noah, Eli, Tom and the MoveOn PAC Team
Monday, May 9th, 2005

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