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Portland Police Bureau sergeant arrested twice...

Portland Police Sgt. Eric Torgerson arrested once for alleged spousal abuse, a second time for attempting to contact wife after no-contact order filed.
Links to Oregonian articles about alleged spousal abuse by Portland Police Bureau sergeant Eric Torgerson:



We have to be careful.... 09.May.2005 16:25


Of course it is a bad sign that so many law enforcement and security officers has histories of domestic violence and abuse. Of course it's a frightening trend that so many of these people are put in positions of responsibility or power. However, given my critisisms of the jsutice system, I do'nt like to condemn people based on arrests. that's just further punishment when punishment isn't necessarily the best solution. I do think, though, that in any society, the people who abuse poeple should not be the people given weapons and told to keep people safe. So my condemnation of this guy would come from his violent past, unless he really has changed. As he's risen in the police bureau, I have to say that that is unlikely. I just don't like to condemn people based on how many times they have been arrested. still, thank you for telling us this, it's good to know who to watch out for.

Lots of Dung In The Stable 09.May.2005 16:25

Den Mark, Vancouver

Yes, here's another piece of crap which happens to be in uniform. There are piles of dung in the PPB stable. Thanks, vera. This is your legacy. I don't know how the good officers can stand the stench.

Um... 09.May.2005 16:33

Indy Fan

If you think this story is important or worthwhile, then please write an article about it. Collect facts, and/or write out why you think this is important, why it's relevant. But please, please, please do not just repost crap from the whoregonian. I very purposefully do not read the boregonian because I do not want their poison in my veins.

I come to indymedia for my news, because I want to know the truth, I want to know firsthand what is happening, and I do not want to read about Michael Jackson or some salciously presented, graphic, yet random murder a thousand miles away that has nothing to do with me. So I prefer not to have someone reposting that crap. Not that a story about a police officer who beats his wife is unimportant, but...say WHY. Say more. Or leave it for someone who wants to do the work. (For example, is this an allegory about what kind of people are we giving power over us, what kind of people are weilding guns in the streets? Is it a morality story about what happens when a person beats people up and pepper sprays babies all day, and then goes home to their spouse? Is it a plea to reconsider giving any more tax money to the police department, when their thugs are no better than this? Tell the reader more than the war-egonian. THAT is what indymedia is all about.) I'm not trying to pick on you for posting this, just asking you to please do a little more next time, before just hitting "publish."

thank you, Indy fan 09.May.2005 17:34

regular reader

i wholeheartedly agree.

Reasons for reposts 09.May.2005 23:53


The Oregonian articles are reposted here precisely because you don't read it - and so you don't have to wade through crap and excessive amounts of ads to get to an article which may be of interest.

Which is better than what I can say for Indymedia at times. Chemtrails - bleah. The Mossad blew up the WTC - please. Water fluoridators are poisoning our precious bodily fluids - yeah, right.

i disagree with your reasons 10.May.2005 00:07

another reader

I'm not going to read these articles. I don't care what the oregonian has to say and I'm not going to support them by going to there website. I would hope most people would be in agreement with those positions. Indymedia is what you make of it. If you see something of interest, take a few minutes to write about it. I care what people in this community think about the issues that are facing us. I care nothing for what the oregonian writes about those issues. If you want to bring attention to an issue, the best thing you could possibly do is write about it.

As for "conspiracy theories" remember:

Just because you believe it doesn't mean it is true.

And the corollary:

Just because you don't believe it doesn't mean it is not true.

I don't have a problem with the ideas presented, just the dogmatism with which they are all too often presented. I would be pleased to see people engender some humility within themselves.

Furthermore 10.May.2005 00:11


And these Civilians are the Uniformed Ones who have sworn an oath to uphold The Constitution?

If I click 'Submit' Article, it tells me that Patience is A Virtue...

But enough is enough already.

To "Reposter" 10.May.2005 09:54

another indy fan

No. Please don't do me this kind of "favor." If I want to read the oregonian, I will. But I don't want to, so I don't. Not only do I not want to "wade through crap and excessive amounts of ads," I also don't want to wade through the corporate media's take on things. It's the same reason I don't read the Inquirer (Or is it Enquirer?): I don't want to forget where I read it, and then find myself believing and/or repeating bogus crap. If I remember where I read something like that, I know it's probably a lie. But sometimes, the story can be remembered even after the source is forgotten. The corporate media exerts an influence that wreaks havoc on brain cells. Truly. Indymedia is a refuge from that. It's a place to find out the news as news should be. From real journalists, in the original use of the term.

As for your condescending comment about chemtrails, the WTC, and flouridation, you've spoken volumes. What you really just said is that, since these stories are not covered in the corporate media, they must be "crap." And since the shit you repost from the oregonian is in the corporate media, we should all know about them so we don't miss the "real news." I call bullshit on that. Sounds to me like you're steeped in the poison. THAT is the very influence I'm talking about. When the corporate media says something, "everybody's talking about it"...so it must be true. Not.

The corporate media is a hijacking of collective knowledge. Nothing more. Nothing less.

That doesn't mean you should believe everything you read here, either. But when you read something here, you have the ability to immediately comment on its veracity. If you know something that the author of an article here either does not know or got wrong, you can say so. And you can read other people's comments as well. It's a self-correcting process that never tries to tell you it has the One Version of The Truth. So the stories you read here are an honest sharing of people's knowledge, thoughts, and ideas. It's a true commons, where cultural information is exchanged. Unlike the corporate media, which presents market-researched psyop, this is a place for news. Real news. Not stories from the Oregonian.