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Professional Call to Action

Ideally seeking educated anarchists to form a new collective.
Ideally seeking to draw anarchists with an educated / experience oriented background to form a new collective.
In the spirit of a firm we are starting a progressive think tank for prjoects that will influence the community positivly and directly. Portland has far to many educated, strong people to not have an engaging organization to focus their passion.

B.A. / A.A. welcomed as well as people with equivilant experience in fields of :
Journalism, PR, Poli-Sci, BioChem, Anthropologists and Sociologists as well as people with Grant writing and Fundraising experience. Students encouraged to apply. Gain valuable experience while doing something proactive and positive.

Please email:
Or call (503) 230-2072 to leave a message

To set up an informal appointment

\/-Mens Agitat Molem-\/

phone: phone: 503 230-2072

Sign me up 10.May.2005 00:15



Who decides who is more equal than others? 10.May.2005 08:34


I'm confused. I thought the idea was to be inclusive not exclusive. No more elitist, inner circles making decisions for everyone else. Everyone gets to play, not just rich white boys from Skull&Bones or Saudi royals or whatever.

Plus, I'm smart & have degrees. So what? Lots of the people who do bad things are smart & have degrees. The most effective anarchists/free thinkers I know have compassion. How do you measure/select for that?