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Tre Arrow: New VOLUNTEER list serve created: WE NEED MORE HELP!

New VOLUNTEER list serve created: WE NEED MORE HELP!
Free Tre Arrow
Free Tre Arrow
The Tre Arrow Defense Committee has set up a new list serve which will hopefully facilitate the delegation of some much needed work to help free our bother Tre. We are currently only a small group of individuals who are all working extremely hard to keep afloat. Your participation in helping Tre would be extremely appreciated and is very well needed. There are a number of different projects and tasks you can take on, from large to small, from computer based to community based. By signing up for the list, you are not required to take on a certain number of tasks per month/week etc... but it just gives you the opportunity to see the different tasks and projects that are needed and hopefully one of those will inspire you to jump on it.

The list serve will work similar to this Newsletter list serve. The Defense Committee will send out a detailed description of tasks and projects that need to be worked on. Also, members of the Volunteer list are very much encouraged to think up and create their own projects which will benefit brother Tre. It's that simple!

There are many people asking how they can help brother Tre. THIS IS HOW!!!!!

So, if your interested, PLEASE email us at  tre@riseup.net

in solidarity,
the Tre Arrow Defense Committee

homepage: homepage: http://www.trearrow.org