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KBOO Morning News Headlines for 5/9/2005

Here are the morning headlines.
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1. Recent Rainfall delays Oregon water shortage.
2. Bush logging plans
3. Lots of bikes in Oregon
4. Stephanie Potter reports on Shell Oil
5. Olympia gets public input on fireworks ban
6. Washington State may cut adult education
7. 100 acre addition to Enumclaw wildlife park
8. Vancouver cops kill car thief
9. Tacoma says NO to COPS (the TV show)
10. Dems Booted from N.C. Church for not supporting bush
11. Filibuster Showdown approaches
12. RealID may become real
13. Non Proliferation Treaty weakens
14. Russia urges resumption of Nuke talks
15. Iraq Cabinet deal falters
16. Oil, Defense ministers appointed in Baghdad
17. US troops kill 75 resistance fighters
18. Koran desecrated and flushed down toilet at GTMO
19. exiled leader returns to Lebanon
20. Activists looking for bush's suitcase nuke arrested in Netherlands.
21. Ethiopia PM warns of oppsition using "hate" as political tactic

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