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You Republican Neighbor May Be A Government Snitch

Assume that your Republican neighbor is the local STASI.
See poster.
We mustn't forget... 09.May.2005 08:34


What about my Democrat neighbor?

your corporate-media-watching, pepsi-swillin neighbor may be a snitch 09.May.2005 09:20


Personally, I don't trust anyone who quotes snippets from the corporate media to me to buttress their arguments, be they republican or democrat.

I have a government-hating, red-necked republican across the street who stockpiles guns and ammo in case the government takes over, and believes that aliens invented silent black helicopters that hover over his home. And you know what? I'd trust him at my back before I'd trust the neo-liberal democrat who worked on the kerry campaign, who lives right next door to me. Why? Because she (Dem next door) believes the system can be reformed, and that we must not make waves, and would turn anyone who seemed like they were rocking the boat in to the police state in a vain effort to kiss up to the fascists so they won't smash her little pretense at left-wing activism. He (rep across the street) on the other hand, distrusts the police state as much as I do, and would never, ever, ever cooperate with the police state at the expense of his neighbors.

She would have been one of those people standing outside Waco with signs supporting the ATF troops, while he would have been outside picking them off one by one by one. Who would you rather have at your back, if you ever find youself in a cabin in the woods surrounded by g-men, or a church on the plains being fired on by ATF agents?

Wake Up 09.May.2005 12:45

Ned Ludd


Tragic Reminder of Faux Ideology 09.May.2005 13:25


The above comment by Matilda illustrates the completely false and entirely artificial left-right division. Here we have an example of a "redneck republician" who lives and acts more like an anarchist than most left wing anarchist posers would like to admit. The entire left-right division is a complete fraud designed to distract attention from what? From global fascism! From the global police state!

The truly tragic thing is that this "redneck republican" goes to the poll and casts his vote, not for George Bush, but for the principles of republican governance. However, in casting his vote for the principles of republican governance, he has also cast his vote for a politician who brandishes the two fingered salute of Satan. Somewhere in the tilted hall of mirrors that comprise his mind, he recognizes that he, symbolically at least, casts his vote for the anti-christ. He hopes that this will speed the coming of the judgement day.

Most tragically of all, he holds out hope that he can fight off the fascists (or communists, or whoever he thinks the enemy) with the arsonal he has collected in his basement. Yet, has he given one iota to go out and save souls, to help the needy, to help the poor, the very acts that his religion so extolls him to do? Rather than putting faith in his God, has he not holed himself up in hopes that the Lord will someday rapture him up to heaven?

I can almost forgive the left-wing, nervous housewife for her genuine fear in the face of a godless universe. She acts out of fear that there is no here-after, and so choses what she knows to be the wolf in sheep's clothing - the police state - to keep her safe. It's much harder to forgive the right wing, Bible toting redneck who hides behind his arsonal while the world crumbles; yet his God has told him to go out and minister to souls to the very end of time.

satan 09.May.2005 18:24

mark renton

--"brandishes the two fingered salute of Satan"

I've seen pictures of John Kerry and Laura Bush throwin the horns up (laughed my ass off on both occasions), but George I'd like to see, if anyone has a photo.

As to your comments I'll try to keep this brief--all gods are false idols. The idea that some omniscient authority figure is watching you and keeping score is a far more powerful mechanism of repression than the physical infrastructure of any actual police state. If you abandon your own skepticism to worship anything it allows others to control you. Witness millions of un(der)employed Americans with children in the military voting for Bush because they think he represents their religious principles. I'll take a 'Satanist' (i.e. self-worshipper who rejects spiritual authoritarianism) politician over even a nice liberal Christian any day of the week.

Here ya go Mark 09.May.2005 19:55


Notice how the thumb is NOT extended out like a Univerisity of Texas Longhorns sign. And a flip of the bird too just for kicks.
Hail Satan
Hail Satan
F*** you America!
F*** you America!

Frater George giving the sign 09.May.2005 19:55


hook 'em horns 09.May.2005 20:41


sorry, you DON"T extend your thumb. Not that I really cared for the years I was in Austin at UT, but you really can't avoid it even if you want to.

to Pilgrim - huh?!? 10.May.2005 00:18

regular reader

Matilda didn't say anything about her neighbor being a right wing Christian. not all right-wingers are Christians, you know. that's an important thing to remember. especially folks in the libertarian right, who could be athiests. let's not lump everything together here! the world is more complex than that.

Whoa there, Pilgrim 10.May.2005 11:12


I appreciate your pointing out the fallacy of the right/left dichotomy. That was, after all, my point. But you've made some far-reaching assumptions there, haven't you. First, I did not say the democrat next door was a "housewife." I did not say it because, in fact, she is not. She's a professional woman who works long hours outside her home and is not married to anyone. Interesting assumption to make.

Second, I did not say anything about the rep across the street except what I said. So your assumption that he must be a Christian, and that he must not do anything for anybody other than collect guns in his basement is also without foundation. In fact, I have no idea about his religious beliefs. As for what he does or does not do for others, he watches out for his neighbors. That's quite a lot, if you ask me.

Other than that, though, your comments are right on. When we get past the corporately-induced left/right division, we will be stronger. Just as we were stronger when we looked past the 1980s corporate media hysteria about Japanese people taking our jobs and realized it was corporate america taking our jobs and hiding it beneath racism. Just as we will be stronger when we can look beyond all the divisions created by our masters in an effort to keep us from discovering the truth: That there are more of us than there are of them, and that they are living off of us.

something to add 10.May.2005 12:34


When talking to people of creating a real democratic process and yes even revolution NEVER use real names! Never give your real name! Never know their real name! And do not tell people facts that can be traced back to you.

"From now on, you'll have no identifying marks of any kind. You will not stand out in any way. Your entire image is crafted to leave no lasting memory with anyone you encounter. You are a rumor, recognizable only as deja vu, and dismissed just as quickly. You don't exist. You were never even born. Anonymity is your name, silence is your native tongue. You are no longer part of the system. You are above the system, over it, beyond it."

from the movie MIB (Men in Black)

But in these times we need networking with anonymity. You need to become the breeze slipping through the ears of the disenfrachized masses. Whispering into the engineered consumer ears "awake, question authority, empower ourselves, revolt, revolt and revolt".