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Wikalong: Wikipedia the Web

A tool to help make the web a two way information sharing system.
Any one who is familier with Wikipedia (  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page ) and enjoys the service should enjoy the new Mozilla Firefox extention Wikalong (  http://www.wikalong.org/ ). This program installs a side bar on your Mozilla web browser that allows you to view others' comments on a web page as well as edit the content of the side bar to include your own input. "See also" references, critiques and comments are two possibilities that make this tool more than worth the time it will take to download and learn the basics. One of the greatest parts is that it is totally free of charge and advertisements.

Get Firefox at  http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/

homepage: homepage: http://www.wikalong.org/

Wikipedia Rocks! 08.May.2005 23:56

Wiki Fan

Check it out! wikipedia.org

Wikipedia is the first, open source, on-line encyclopedia - open source because anyone can submit articles or challenge the information in existing articles.

For an interesting example of Wikepedia check up on some references for the characters portrayed in the newly released, blockbuster motion picture "Kingdom of Heaven". Start with keywords "Balian" and "Saladin" and find out what these two historical figures accomplished in real life.

Why research "Kingdom of Heaven"? Like it or not, religion has always played an important part in geo-politics, and understanding the role of religion is critical to the historical understanding of the present world situation in the Middle East.