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rumsfeld negotiates with saddam

Al Jazeera, as well as Israeli news net ynetnews, time of india, etc., reports D. Rumsfeld's surprise visit to Saddam during his trip to Iraq.
For details:

Of course, 08.May.2005 16:13

that is expected,

after all he has always been their operative.


desperation? 08.May.2005 17:07

To submit to tyrrany is evil itself

It can reflect desperation on the American part, but you gotta wonder what these two old friends really talked of?

"Hey remember when we were having dinner and I sold you those chemicals?" Rumsfeld

"Yeah, Donny them were the good old days when we could gas Kurds and tell the dumb American people it was only bee pollen" Saddam says passing the hookah to the Butcher of Fallujah.

"I loved that job with the pharmaceutical G.D. Searle & Company, but I make mucho bucks now and issue even more mega-death. Oh is that aspartame or real sugar?" Rumsfeld inquires while looking at the leashed Iraqi slave/detainee offering a gold plated tray with a sweetener on it.

Saddam bursts out in laughter "Its sweet and low what else would it be, Kurdish wild bee honey?"

Ah those moments to cherish.....
When evil meets
When evil meets

Jedi Mind Tricks 08.May.2005 17:32

Classic Rumsfeld

"I don't know what the facts are but somebody's certainly going to sit down with him and find out what he knows that they may not know, and make sure he knows what they know that he may not know, and that's a good thing." - Talking to reporters about whether President Bush knows about equipment inadequacies in Iraq, Dec. 9 2004 as reported by Reuters

"The threats are real, and the lethality is multiples of what we have previously experienced."

"We know where they [Iraq's WMD] are. They're in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south, and north somewhat." - March 30, 2003 in an interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC This Week.

"Well, so be it. Nothing's perfect in life, so you have an election that's not quite perfect. Is it better than not having an election? You bet" September 23, 2004, in regards to Iraq's upcoming elections, at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing.

" I believe what I said yesterday. I don't know what I said, but I know what I think... and I assume it's what I said."

"I would not say that the future is necessarily less predictable than the past - I think the past was not predictable when it started."  http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/news/bh/rams/bh_rumsfeld_20030406.ram

"For people to waste their time chasing that rabbit, only to run it down and find they've got the wrong rabbit, I think is a shame."

"If you went back and looked at the quote - requirements, you would find that there was a requirement to, er, if something was going to last so many days, there was a requirement to have so many dumb bombs, and so many smart bombs. And it turns out if you finish an exercise like Afghanistan, and you say 'oh my goodness, the requirement for dumb bombs was about ten times more than we thought we needed, and the requirement for smart bombs was, er, some multiple of what we actually thought we would need ... more - we needed more than we thought - then what you learn from that is that you learn to go back and change the quote requirement - and drop one and increase one."

"We do know of certain knowledge that he [Osama Bin Laden] is either in Afghanistan, or in some other country, or dead."

"Near my office is an American flag done in ... origami ... that's one of those words that I haven't mastered yet"  http://news.bbc.co.uk/olmedia/1770000/audio/_1773951_rumsfeld_f.ram

"Once in a while, I'm standing here, doing something. And I think, 'What in the world am I doing here?' It's a big surprise." May 16, 2001, interview with the New York Times.