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15 year old anarchist killed by the Police in Mayday in Bogotá, Colombia

News is circulating that yet another anarchist has died due to state repression on Mayday. Within hours of the Dublin anarchist picnic Nicolás David Neira Alvares was clubbed to the ground by up to eight police on the Bogota Mayday march and beaten on the head until he passed out. Police then prevented his comrades getting to him so it was some time before they could get him to hospital where he died earlier today.
"The demonstration not only remembered those who were killed by the State in Chicago, but also denounced the current precarious economical and social conditions of Colombia, demanded a halt to the Free Trade Treatise and made public the atrocities that are being committed by the current fascist government".

Further information and pictures from the march can be found at

suggesting we do something 08.May.2005 17:39

Working Class Mama

It would be important if we could do a funeral procession for this man, similar to what we did when Carlos Gulianni was murdered during the G8. It is important to show world wide solidarity to our comrades to show them they do not mourn alone. Also to put global pressure on the Columbian government to let them know the world is watching their behavior.