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Swarm the Minutemen... A new approach!

There's a new group around and the minutemen better pack up and run! check out www.swarmtheminutemen.com and see what you can do to help. please forward widely!
A statement from S.W.A.R.M.

Enough is enough.

We reject everything about the minutemen. The minutemen function and exist when the rest of us, the vast majority of us, remain silent. Even in an environment of fear and uncertainty we all know that immigrants are not the reason for America's problems, nor should they be the powerless scapegoat. Because the vast majority of us look upon slavery, japanese interment and manifest destiny as sick, tragic pages in our history, we have no tolerance for these hyper-patriotic bigots, masquerading as virtuous citizens. It is our intention to resist, sabotage, and destroy this project before it gets any farther down this road of organized hate and violence.

What we propose to do about it:

We want you to do this yourself. We must take direct action to stop the MinuteMen. We can swarm the MinuteMen and make all of their communication systems useless. Together, we can conduct information warfare against these modern day white hooded vigilantes.

We must let the MinuteMen know what the world thinks of their violent, racist plans. With your help, we can swarm the MinuteMen and stop this organized racism and hatred in its tracks.

When the MinuteMen restart their border patrols again in June, we can physically interfere with their operations. Go to wherever the MinuteMen are in your area and stop them from operating. We will provide more info later on their locations. Until then, we can anonymously and autonomously act against the MinuteMen using electronic disturbance.

Swarm the racist minutemen!

See the website  http://www.swarmtheminutemen.com for a list of all the actions that you can take to sabotge the minutemen project or to send us your ideas to add to our page!!