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The 5th Annual Million Marijuana March

Several hundred cannabis and hemp supporters marched today in a global day of action to to support cannabis and hemp legalization
Patients, caregivers,supporters and friends of m.jane gathered Saturday May 7 at noon. Marching through Portland streets, they peacefully demanded cannabis and hemp legalization.
Cool! 07.May.2005 16:43


Cool event. I had a conflict or I'd have been there.

more fotos 07.May.2005 16:45


gathering in pioneer square

more photos 07.May.2005 16:49


at the square

some more 07.May.2005 17:00


in the streets
the band was kick ass ...thanks guys
the band was kick ass ...thanks guys

some more 07.May.2005 17:06


remember... the first saturday in may... be there next year... also hempfest coming to Waterfront park this fall. stay tuned

some more 07.May.2005 17:21


Thanks everyone!