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Big Brother is watching you (Chertoff slips out that he wants a nonprofit organization)

Chertoff slipped out a proposal to get around laws that are set to protect the privacy on the average citizen. He proposes creating or having a nonprofit organization to spy on the people and then report it to Chertoff. So merged with the idea of a National ID card with all your information on it with a new nonprofit organization spying on you should send chills down your spinal cord.

Several years ago the Department of Homeland Security hired a top former KGB officer to help organize the department and give suggestions for spying on the average American citizen.
DHS chief floats idea of collecting private citizens' information

By Siobhan Gorman, National Journal
Call it Total Information Awareness, homeland-style.

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff this week floated an idea to start a nonprofit group that would collect information on private citizens, flag suspicious activity, and send names of suspicious people to his department.
The idea, which Chertoff tossed out at an April 27 meeting with security-industry officials, is reminiscent of the Defense Department's now-dead Total Information Awareness program that sought to sift though heaps of foreign intelligence information to root out potential terrorist activity.

According to one techie who attended the April 27 meeting, Chertoff told the group, "Maybe we can create a nonprofit and track people's activities, and an algorithm could red-flag individuals. Then, the nonprofit could give us the names."

Chertoff also suggested that private industry form a group to collect proprietary information about cyber- and other infrastructure-security breaches from companies; scrub it of identifying information; aggregate it; and pass it along to the department. The financial services industry already has such a group.

"The secretary was responding to a hypothetical question with a hypothetical answer," said Homeland Security Department press secretary Brian Roehrkasse. "He did not offer specific programmatic content or discuss any specific proposed approach. Rather, he was discussing, in general terms, the importance of this issue of balancing security and privacy."

Harris Miller, president of the Information Technology Association of America, organized the gathering of about 50 security-industry executives from companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, and Verizon. Reached by phone at the meeting, he characterized the event as "an organizational meeting to discuss how the [information-technology] industry can work more effectively with each other" and with the Homeland Security Department.

Because the meeting was closed to the press, Miller would not discuss Chertoff's comments.One meeting participant said that Chertoff told the group that having a nonprofit collect names rather than the government "would alleviate some of the concerns people have." Not so for this participant: "This is what made me sort of shift in my seat. It sounds like investigating every person for no reason." He was particularly concerned that an unknown formula created by this new group would determine the red flags.


Break the Chains 07.May.2005 15:30

become anonymous

They have been collecting personal data on the people for a l-o-n-g time and what they are striving for is to give the use of this data the patina of legitimacy.

All these increments in legalized domestic spying using legislation under the architecture of "THE WAR ON TERROR" is to tighten the chains on us. All the while the real terrorists obtain more secrecy and power over us.

yeah well 07.May.2005 18:54

yeah well

well, too bad the olden days of Seattle are gone....otherwise we'd be formulating a counter-strategy. (sorry to those who might be able to prove me wrong on that)

asdf 07.May.2005 18:56


they say not to judge a book by its cover, but does that one dude look like a fucking vulture or what? talk about repulsively ugly.

fdsa 09.May.2005 02:36


it is fucking stupid to judge a man by his appearance and unfounded speculation about relationships with birds.

it is fucking lame to quote a proverb in the same sentence as disregards it.