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Police Informant Billy Cottrell Gets 8 yrs Imprisonment

In April 2005, over a month later than expected, police informant William "Billy" Cottrell was sentenced for his role in a series of coordinated ELF arsons on four SUV dealerships, which saw the destruction of 125 vehicles.

Much to everyone's surprise, Cottrell was not rewarded for his cooperation with the courts, but instead was sentenced to eight years imprisonment. This sentence sends out a strong message that informants will no longer find favours with the courts.

I think actually it sends a message that the state didn't consider Cottrell an informant... He didn't tell them anything useful, because they already knew that if Cottrell was involved, so were Tyler and Oe... On the other hand, Cottrell's not viewed as having been cooperative with the courts or the FBI - he wouldn't play their game in the run-up to the trial, he refused to renounce his ecological views... The state don't like him, and neither do we.

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