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Police Informant Billy Cottrell Gets 8 yrs Imprisonment

In April 2005, over a month later than expected, police informant William
"Billy" Cottrell was sentenced for his role in a series of coordinated ELF
arsons on four SUV dealerships, which saw the destruction of 125 vehicles.
Much to everyone's surprise, Cottrell was not rewarded for his cooperation
with the courts, but instead was sentenced to eight years imprisonment.
This sentence sends out a strong message that informants will no
longer find favours with the courts.

I think actually it sends a message that the state didn't consider Cottrell an informant... He didn't tell them anything useful, because they already knew that if Cottrell was involved, so were Tyler and Oe... On the other hand, Cottrell's not viewed as having been cooperative with the courts or the FBI - he wouldn't play their game in the run-up to the trial, he refused to renounce his ecological views... The state don't like him, and neither do we.
hate the sin, never the sinner 05.May.2005 17:10


Yeah, we have all been weak at one point or another... and which of us can say we would do any better in those circumstances? Solidarity sometimes means you have to forgive an understandable weakness.

Wisdom requires that we use discretion beforehand, and compartmentalize when we need to, to avoid this kind of circumstance in the first place.

Of course, running such an organization democratically is a huge challenge. But if the EZLN can do it, so can we... after all, we must. We have no real choice.

Solidarity Means Never Turning in your Friends 06.May.2005 13:54


Drew says, "Solidarity sometimes means you have to forgive an understandable weakness."

No. This is not "an understandable weakness," and in this circumstance, we cannot afford to be so charitable. These are bizarre times, and the oppressor is powerful. Solidarity is what we have to fight it with. Yes, we can forgive many sins, but when someone cooperates with the enemy at the expense of their friends, it puts the whole community at risk. I'm not talking just about the "animal rights community," or the "radical community," or whatever brand name activist community. I'm talking about all of us. When Hitler started building camps all over Europe, one had to choose: Either stand together, or sell out your friends. While the impulse to sell each other out for an illusion of safety might have been understandable, given human nature, it was still very, very wrong. History is rightly unkind to those who chose that route, as it will be again. The camps are here, my friends. And you have to choose.

Solidarity most certaily does NOT mean just looking the other way in the face of that kind of danger. We don't have to hate Billy Cottrell, but we need to be firm and clear that selling each other out is dangerous, and wrong, and not to be tolerated. And we as a community can never trust him, or anyone who would cooperate with the enemy, again.

Solidarity does not mean standing by someone whose knife is still sticking out of your back. On the contrary, solidarity means standing together with those who stand with you. It means watching each others' backs. It means, my friends, that you think long and hard before ever becoming involved in a risky direct action like this. And you decide, up front, if you are strong enough for what you might have to face. If you decide you are not, that's as valid and as honerable as deciding that you are. That's how you keep your friends safe. You do what you can, and you never allow yourself to be pulled into something you can't. If you're not up to it, then you stay out of it. But you never, ever pretend you're willing to make sacrifices that you are not.

something to think about 06.May.2005 19:58

abolish prisons

if you're going to do serious shit, you're going to think about it alot before hand. you should be ready to deal with the worse case scenario circumstances involving everything you do. not that i want to scare people away from doing things, but don't do something and then snitch on people later.
if you do something, and you get caught, and others don't - how will it benefit you to narc on others anyway? they could fuck up more shit while you're in prison, i know that sounds shitty, but we need to get out of this mess, we need all the resistance we can get - no limitations either.

plus - if you ever do an illegal anti-prison action and get caught, everyone might even have your back once you get in there

100% Wrong 07.May.2005 00:12

Hector Villanueva

> Solidarity sometimes means you have to forgive an understandable weakness.

No, that's pretty much the antithesis of solidarity. Ratting out your friends? C'mon.

Forgive the weakness if you wish 09.May.2005 01:54


Never put yourself at risk pretending he is strong.

solidarity? 17.May.2005 23:49


Did Johnson and Oe show solidarity? I don't think so...

take a widerstand 12.Oct.2005 09:50

Paul Peck paul.peck@gmail.com

Take a widerstand.

read about the frank jude beating in milwaukee, the history before the beating, etc.

widerstand is the title of my research in police brutality in milwaukee prior to the frank jude beating. it is the name of the resistance movement against hitler within the boarders of germany itself. (there were germans who staked their lives against hitler and to stop the genocide. They sought justice without glory).

please help seek justice for la quisha.