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2nd Biscuit Defender passes Two-Week Mark in Jail

Amber Birmingham was arrested April 18th after unlocking from a 1200 lb. cement-filled barrel blocking the road to logging on the Biscuit timber sale at Fiddler Mountain. She stayed locked in while the Forest Service and County Deputies used a small dolly to precariously move the barrel to the side of the road. This was her second arrest, after she participated in the Women's Blockade of the Green Bridge on March 14th, and the court refuses to release her without bail, which is she refuses to pay. She follows in the footsteps of 74-year-old Joan Norman who has never paid bail in her life, and spent 18 pre-trial days in jail for her second arrest in March.
Amber pictured with a newly-born spring Goat
Amber pictured with a newly-born spring Goat
The Josephine County DA has aggressively pursued charges against all individuals brave enough to stand in the way of rampant resource extraction at the Biscuit timber sales. The county police are once again being funded by timber dollars, as one would expect from the logging trucks on their badges. The Forest Service has entered into a special contract to pay all law enforcement, incarceration and prosecution fees incurred by the county. The JoCo Jail ordinarily Matrixes out non-violent inmates to keep the jail below capacity, but has refused to release Forest Activists despite their expressly non-violent stance and demeanor.

Amber lives in the Illinois Valley, where citizen resistance to the Bush Administration's moves to log in Late-Successional (old growth) Reserves and Roadless areas is growing. Logging at the Fiddler Mountain sale is nearly done, with mostly helicopter-yarding by Columbia Helicopters remaining to be done, but there are many other Late-Successional Reserve sales that have been sold, and another batch of Roadless (meaning, pristine, without any roads) sales are coming up to the auction block. Many residents are busy planting spring crops and birthing spring livestock, but the protests continue with the Walk for the Wild Siskiyous in Cave Junction on May 7th. See the Biscuit Alliance website at  http://user.cavenet.com/guenter/biscuit/ for more info.

Meanwhile, Amber has a court date Wednesday May 4th, where the judge could possibly decide to set her free. And as long as she's in jail, she would love to get letters from friends and supporters.

Mail the letters to:

Amber Birmingham
C/O Josephine County Adult Jail
1901 NE "F" Street
Grants Pass, OR 97526

Letters and envelopes with drawings, tape, stickers or lipstick are not allowed and will be returned to sender.

homepage: homepage: http://ecoterrorized.cascadiarising.org
phone: phone: (503) 493-7495

Amber is being released!! 05.May.2005 08:58

Posted by anonymous; author, Shelley

04.05.2005 - 21:21
This afternoon at a release hearing, the Judge agreed to release Amber on her own recognizance, requiring that she must remain law-abiding, not enter the closure area, and not interfere with roads leading to timber sales as conditions of her release.

I spoke with her this evening when she was still awaiting release. She was in great spirits and very appreciative of support and letters she has received during her long stay in jail.

I have just received word that she is being processed out at about 9pm.