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*TOMORROW* Grand Jury Symposium - Portland, OR

*Just got this - if ya can, please pack the school &
speak out against grand juries tomorrow night!!!*
Wednesday May 4 at 6 pm in the Jefferson High School
Auditorium (5210 N. Kerby Ave.), representatives of
the Metropolitan Public Defender's Office, the District
Attorney's Office, and the Multnomah County District
Court will participate in a symposium on the Grand
Jury System. They will discuss (and answer audience
questions about) why we have grand juries, how they
work, and whether the grand jury system should be
changed. The symposium is part of Community Law Week,
an event sponsored by the Young Lawyers Section of the
Multnomah County Bar Association. For more information
about other Community Law Week events, please visit
A Shield Against the King 04.May.2005 13:07

Citizen Michael John Keenan kid_keenan@yahoo.com

Why speak out against grand juries. They are a shield against the king in origin. Maybe you should speak out against the abuse and misuse of the shield by the king and his minions. This happens a lot. And by the way grand juries are supposed to be a direct representation of Peoples Soveignty, i.e., our equal PEERS! See  http://www.civicusa.org/ for an example of this in action by every day citizens.

I am Citizen Michael John Keenan

? 06.May.2005 10:54


how did it go?

about this Grand Jury discussion 06.May.2005 17:33

stu sugarman quixote516@yahoo.com

This discussion will be about state grand juries and not federal grand juries. Key difference exist between the way the Multnomah County DA's Office uses grand juries and the way the Ass't US Attorney in federal court uses grand juries. Nearly all the bad stuff about grand jury harassment deals with federal court, not state court. These speakers are discussing state court -- they don't know about federal grand juries and are not prepared to discuss federal grand juries.

If you are interested in learning about federal grand juries (those used to imprison animal rights and environmental activists), we can set up a panel discussion or otherwise about federal grand juries and how to beat them.

Thanks for reading,

stu sugarman