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Leonard Peltier - time to lobby congress

A national effort is now underway to get the f.b.i. to release still secret documents on Leonard Peltier. Please write/email your representatives.
Now is the time to send your emails to Senators & Congress-persons.
Request they look into the Leonard Peltier case including the secret
documents the FBI refuses to release.

Here is a sample of my letter that I have sent that I am sending Everyday
this Week.

You may feel free to replace my name with your own if you wish.

Click on this Link, then click on U.S.Congress on the left.
Then Just Follow the instruction on filling out the form to
send to the Congress-Person & Senator of your area.


Sample [I have taken the liberty of editing Thomas Graywolf Atkins sample letter -tr]:

Subject: Please Help

My Representative,

I am requesting that you look into the
30 year incarceration of Leonard Peltier at Fort Leavenworth
Federal Prison. He was wrongly convicted with falsified evidence
and perjured testimony.

In President Bill Clinton's last term, the president was going to give
Leonard clemency. That is, until over 500 FBI Agents marched around
the White House and then they strong-armed the President Of The United
States of America into not doing what he knew was the right thing.
As it stands right now, the FBI refuses to release the remaining documents
in the Leonard Peltier case. FBI officials claim a matter of National Security.
Which we all know is untrue.

What National Security matter could possibly be left over from the FBI's
intrusion of Native Soil over 30 years ago. Everyone knows the FBI plays that National Security card every time there is evidence that they did something wrong or has falsely imprisoned someone.

In this case it happens to be Leonard Peltier.

Leonard has been a Political Prisoner of the FBI for more than 30 years. Now he is
very ill, old. He will die in prison instead of at home with his family and people.

Please! I am asking for your Help in this case.

Thomas Greywolf Atkins

homepage: homepage: http://www.congress.org/congressorg/home/

The dominant "civilization" has no shame 03.May.2005 10:12


I agree that Leonard should be released from prison to be with his
family and nation....but as long as the wasicu enforce their
authoritarian rule over Turtle Island, we will never have justice.

In The Spirit Of Crazy Horse