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Gannon, Bush and Blair... or ... wait, who should be in the middle?

This is getting scary and it all checks out.
The Bush WH is usually a 9 - 5 operation, so I thought it might be significant to look at [in the Secret Service time logs] the times that Gannon exited after 5:00 PM.

Gannon stayed late at least 13 times. A few things that stand out for these dates are:

1. Bush was in the WH on those days.

2. On many of these days, Jeff went to a mid day briefing and then spent most of the afternoon and early evening at the WH before checking out.

3. On a majority of these days, Bush was hosting foreign dignitaries in the afternoon after the breifing, including Tony Blair.

So did Bush hire Gannon for his 'entertainment' skills?

Considering the fact that Gannon is a self-admitted gay prostitute, I would speculate that Gannon was hired by the WH for more than his writing abilities. The whole jounalist bit, might have just been a ploy to sneak a male prostitute into the WH when the Bush's were 'entertaining'.

I wonder how many world leaders got to enjoy his proverbial 8" cut? Naughty boys.
What would Jesus do? 03.May.2005 12:59


I love it. Its all over TBRnews.org these days, Gannon and his affair with "someone" in the WhiteHouse.

Its long been rumored that Laura Bush, the pResident's "wife", is the loneliest woman in Washington. Now we get another perspective on why.

I wonder if the Gannon/Bush connection has anything to do with those facial lesions the pResident sports?

Well, the Christian Taliban have said they've spotted the pResident on his knees. And here they thought he was praying the whole time. Well, maybe he was praying. But not for things the Good Christian Konservatives usually pray for. Or maybe its really the same thing? Hmmm... too much information, either way...

Who would Jesus do? 03.May.2005 15:42

or shouldn't it be

Who wouldn't Gannon do?

Who wouldn't Gannon do? 03.May.2005 16:10

Its getting to be more like...

Who wouldn't King George do in Jesus' name?

That whore Gannon is just one more in a long line. Hasn't it been documented somewhere that when GWJr. was a frat-boy at Harvard that he lived with his gay lover?

Bush at Yale, don't know about Harvard, though we can guess... 04.May.2005 18:57


Well, I don't know about later at Harvard. Though Bush's boyfriend at Yale was the (later Knoxville Mayor) Victor Ashe. Both Bush and Ashe were Skull and Bones, one year apart, at Yale.

Both Bush and Ashe were on the male cheerleader squad.

Bush at Yale was known as "The Incredible Mr. Lips", (for, well, you can guess), for being the life of the party, and for dancing nude on tables.

Guess he learned something from his old pedophile father George H. W. Bush.

Who should be in the middle? 05.May.2005 02:56

Me Thinks...........

Good question! Not sure though since the suspects are all funny, if you know what I mean. Godd ol' little jeff boy? Or little boy george? Blair? Maybe they take turns being in the middle? Of course you know jeffy boy likes being on top so just who is in the middle????????

"The Incredible Mr. Lips"???? 05.May.2005 03:26


Let me understand this he was not just a cheerleader, but also did nude table dancing? Sounds like a lot of stripers I have known. And let me understand this right according to Laura Bush he use to masterbate the male horse when they first got the ranch claiming he was milking a cow? And now I hear he was called "The Incredible Mr. Lips". I am not touching that.

Ok I quit. I am giving up my comedy writing job because you just can not top reality anymore.

Well... 05.May.2005 16:30

on the nightly news

They have Paula Abdul all over the nightly snooze after getting active with someone from a show she's on. Let's see what the nightly snooze does with this!

Oh. Wait. They'll do nothing? Its not important? It doesn't matter that the Smirking Chimp is a lying illiterate fool who isn't anything like he's made to appear to be? Who's oh so happy to send our young people into an occupation in two countries with nothing but oil and airbases to show for his mis-adventures? Who's happy to cut Social Security to shreds and who, apparently, enjoys holding hands with the Saudis?

Its almost like Caligula (the movie) was a prequel to the present Bush (business and sexual) whore house. Gads! Is THIS what we get for being "empire" now?

Check out Bill Maher and Leslie Stahl's discussion of Gannon-gate!! 10.May.2005 20:03

Absolutely Fabulous!

Maher told some great jokes about Gannon and the Leslie, playing the straight man (Oh, wait that must be Laura), said, "It is very hard to get a White House Press Pass, we really need to know what lies beneath this..." When she realized the double-entendre, her face grew flouresent pink while Bill laughed.

After reading "the Voice of the White House" on the topic of the "Fag Palace," I suddenly realized the neocons real motive for objecting to gay marriage, they are afraid of getting sued for palimony by their toy-boys! Or, in the case of Gannon, Palomino-money! I bet that this reignites the rumors that ol' Gov. GoodHair is gay! Rick will be running to distance himself from Georgie now. It's sad, they had so much in common, they both have more hair than brains and they both were cheerleaders! Oh well that's the way the biscuit crumbles...