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Study Shows Bunker-Buster Bomb Won't Work

Emperor George II & Cabal will ignore this,
and give the nod to use these "bunker-buster"
bombs....after all, murdering people is
standard for the church-state.

(A repost of article e-mailed to me)
Study Shows Bunker-Buster Bomb Won't Work

Washington, May 2, 2005 (RHC)-- According to a report by the National Research Council in Washington, the plan to develop a nuclear weapon that could penetrate the earth and destroy underground bunkers is seriously flawed.

The report says the weapon could not go deep enough to eliminate fallout, as some advocates have asserted, and estimates that -- depending on weather conditions -- as many as one million people could be killed or affected by radiation.

John F. Ahearne, an expert on nuclear arms who headed the 15-member committee that wrote the report, said an earth-penetrating weapon "could kill a devastatingly large number of people." The report also says that trying to reduce fallout and civilian damage by making a smaller weapon was impractical because its destructive force would be insufficient to destroy military targets.

The report's conclusions agree with criticisms made by experts outside the government, but it draws upon secret federal studies and carries the political weight of the National Research Council of the National Academies -- the leading US scientific advisory group.

In Washington, debate over the Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator, known as the bunker buster, has been underway for more than three years. Critics contend that aside from the danger of radioactive fallout, military intelligence can never ensure that the weapons hit the right targets and that they might fail to work. They also say that the weapon could create an illusion of limited consequences that could lead to a wider nuclear conflict.

The new study was mandated by the US Congress in 2003. The report claims that if a warhead penetrates ten feet into the earth before detonating, much of its energy will go into the ground, forming a shock wave that can destroy underground structures.

But it also found that attacking bunkers at depths of 650 feet would require a blast of 300 kilotons, or 20 times larger than the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima. A target 1,000 feet deep would require a weapon 67 times as large.

The report concludes that the size of the weapons means they would produce heavy radioactive fallout and cause deadly damage.
yeah, well 02.May.2005 23:17


they're running out of DU you know
used it up in Afghanistan and Iraq

poverty-stricken georgia farm-boys and -girls
don't make it as full-spectrum dominance

gotta make certain the gooks know
they will be punished, and their children
and their children's children
even unto the 7 x 10 ^ 7 generation

... 03.May.2005 15:07

this thing here

when a new study says that some program won't work, or some new tests show that a program won't work (like with missile defense), that's always the time when the government gives the program the go ahead...

that only means 03.May.2005 20:07


they are not telling you the real reasons why it does work

Videos prove fallout 03.May.2005 23:11

Albert Kada davecom@io.com

I saw live TV news pictures of the bombing in Bagdad right before shock and awe. Bush was trying to get Saddam in a bomb shelter but the only casualty I know about was a busdriver. Saddam is still alive.

They used a bunker buster and Scott Ritter, weapons expert explained what I saw. Before I heard Ritter's analysis I realized that molten radioactive debris was flying out of the hole.