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Portlanders Display Resistance to CAFTA

About 200 people showed up to protest CAFTA. From all indication, it seems that Earl Blumenauer will vote with Gordon Smith and the other Republicans on this one. Call his office at 503.231.2300 to voice your opposition. Ask Earl to say it loud and proud: "I support fair trade and will vote NO on CAFTA."

Speakers included: Madelyn Elder, Pres. CWA Local 7901; Tim Nesbitt Director, OR AFL-CIO; Diego from the Amalgamzated Sugar plant in Nyssa (he drove 6 hours to get there!); Mary Mendez from Enlace America; and David Foster from the District 11 Steelworkers. They focused mostly on Oregon job loss, but Mary did speak about the lies that sold NAFTA to Mexican workers. Now we know that these agreements screw workers on both sides of the equation: US and Central America.

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