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Calling All Local Film Makers!!!

PSU Capstone students are holding a film fest fund raiser at the 5th Avenue Cinema on May 20th. We're hoping local film makers will submit shorts for us to show, judge and give prizes to in order to help us raise money for our worthy cause. It'll be a fun night as we show off the local talent.
Attached is a submission form:
PSU's First Ever
Quick WIT Film Festival

Entry Guidelines and Official Entry Form

Quick WIT will showcase films that clock in at no more than 600 seconds... That's right. We're running 10-minute films. Quick WIT is open to all subject matter that does not classify as pornography. The audience will decide the winner who will be awarded $75 cash and, of course, the pleasure of knowing that you helped to support our PSU Capstone Project Women In Transition. All proceeds will go toward the Women in Community Service program at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility that helps women obtain necessary life skills. Thank you for your participation.

Entry Guidelines:
Submitted films must be 10 minutes or less in length.
Entry is open to all subject matter (minus porn... )
Films must be submitted in VHS or DVD format
Entry materials will not be returned

Submission Materials
VHS or DVD copy of film submission.
Completed Entry Form.
Brief Summary of the film (no more than 50 words)
$10.00 entry fee per film. Checks must be made payable to PSU. There is a $25 fee for any check returned due to insufficient funds.
Multiple submissions may be made in the same package but separate entry forms and fees must be provided for each entry.

Submission deadline is May 13th, 2005.
Film Festival to be held at 5th Avenue Cinemas
May 20th, 2005 @ 7PM

Send submission packages to:
PSU- Criminology Dept.
Attn: Cheryl
P.O. Box 751
Portland, OR 97207

Or drop off @: PSU 550 Urban Center
Call Cheryl @ (503)581-9418 with any questions

Quick WIT Film Festival
Entry Form
Film Information

Running Time:



Year Completed:

Original Production Format: 16mm 8mm Super 8 MiniDV Digital/Hi8 VHS Other

Circle genre: Animation Documentary Experimental Narrative Other

Please tell us how you learned about this festival?
Email Newspaper Word of mouth Poster Other

Contact Information





Summary of Film (no more than 50 words)

Please Read Completely
By signing below, I declare that I have read and agree to all guidelines for the Quick WIT Film Festival and I have secured all necessary rights/permissions for festival exhibition of this work. I certify that all information entered on this form is correct. I understand that only the first 200 minutes of material will be shown. Finally, I understand that although the greatest care will be taken, PSU is not responsible for lost or damaged materials.

Printed name: Date:
Criminology Department? 02.May.2005 17:58


Is this a fund raiser for future cops? I don't want to be working for the oppressor.

Legitimate 02.May.2005 19:05

WICS Capstone Students

No, this is a fund raiser for WICS Lifeskills, which is an educational program that helps women in prison develop important skills so they can transition into society better upon their release. We are a PSU capstone class -- completely legitimate and completely liberal.

WIT helps prisoners, not cops. 02.May.2005 19:20

WIT Capstone Student

We are raising money to help women who are in prison gain important skills like empowerment, job placement and parenting. The goal is to aid them in their transition back into society so they don't have to deal with cops anymore, actually.
Our senior capstone class consists of well-meaning, liberal women from a variety of majors.

The Criminology Department is just an office to drop things off in. Capstones are independent of this department; they are a part of the university studies program at Portland State.

Thank you for your question. Sorry we didn't address it more clearly earlier.
We sincerely hope you'll participate:)

good cause 02.May.2005 21:59

Jewish activist

WICS (Women in Community Service)is a non-profit organization that operates outside of the department of corrections system, so all the money goes to fund the women's education program alone, not the police. Lots of progressive groups in town help this women in transition program, including mine.

Cool! 03.May.2005 14:17


Thanks for the info. That's much better than what I was thinking when I read the original post. This actually sounds pretty cool.

first 200 min 03.May.2005 16:41


i guess this is a first come first serve thing. If i turn in a piece and you already have 200 min of material do i still end up paying?

thanks, rev

Well... 03.May.2005 19:07

WIT Student

We just addressed this issue today in a meeting. So, I'm pleased you're asking...
If we already have enough footage to fill our allotted time (4 hours), you will be notified and will receive your $10 entry fee back. Most likely, you'll be told soon after Friday the 13th. Only those that get their pieces shown will have to pay. We are committed to being fair.
Thanks for the question.
Hope to see you and your entry there:-)