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Picnic for Peace

Picnics for Peace
Picnic for Peace
Every Sunday at 11.59
Rendezvous at a well known meeting place at the centre of your local town, city or village.

Our local Picnic for Peace was a great success and will be continued every Sunday providing the weather is good.

The idea of the Picnic for Peace is to bring people together to share food, play games and get to know each other better. It is in no way a protest and does not require speeches or banner waving.

Hopefully picnics will be held worldwide and the people who attend will feel less isolated and more positive about the opportunity to live in peace.

Picnic for Peace is not an organized event and relies on word of mouth or email communication for it to better known about. Please let me know if you have any ideas about how this message can reach a larger audience; or forward or translate and forward this message

Good Luck and Happy Picnics
brilliant 02.May.2005 11:38

secret saveria@fastmail.fm

wot a lovely Idea peace for all

organize picnic for Portland? 02.May.2005 14:43

FNB Portland

There is no Food Not Bombs event on Sundays in Portland. Tragedy! This is for two reasons: one is that FNB is run by volunteers, and there is not a volunteer crew for Sunday (each day tends to have its own set of volunteers who put on the dinner once per week), and the other is the difficulty of getting store surplus food donations picked up on Sundays.

Is anyone out there interested in organizing a regular Sunday picnic? It would not have to be necessarily a FNB event, and the food would not have to be from donated surplus, but that would be one idea. A vegan potluck? I like that idea. Colonel Summers Park? Laurelhurst Park? N Park Blocks?

Email list for Food Not Bombs Portland:

Food Not Bombs website (one of many):

picnic on sundays 21.May.2005 11:37

linda sugurnspyice@yahoo.com

hey we would love to be a part of a sorta potluck pinic every sunday i have a big family and we would love to bring something and come count us in