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Goodbye Fareless Square?

Great Story at the PSU Vanguard site:
I hope we can KEEP THIS ISSUE ALIVE here on Indymedia, so that one day we wont wake up
and wish we'd have spoken up against this ridiculous idea. I'd be interested to know
the Portland City Council's opinion on this. If they're against it, should we not be
urging them to adopt a resolution stating their opposition?

Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) on the Budget, a committee designed to provide feedback to TriMet, released their annual report April 13, which advocated changing Fareless Square for terrorism-related security concerns as well as fare evasion.

Because riders within Fareless Square do not carry transfers, fare inspectors "are limited in their ability to confront security concerns before they escalate," according to the committee report.

"A fare allows a police officer to approach a person riding on the system. It is an opportunity for engagement. Having such an open system is a concern," Tri-Met spokeswoman Fetsch said.

Full story:  http://www.dailyvanguard.com/vnews/display.v/ART/2005/04/28/42708c6a27ce8

EXACTLY HOW does merely paying a fare give a police officer (she didn't say fare inspector)
probable cause to molest a rider? It's sounds just a little too much like "Your Papers, Please"
agree ... this most be continously in the public 01.May.2005 23:27

Ich bin ein Portlander

The other week I was riding the bus when I found someone had put flyers on the bus for making Tri-Met "free". But when I went to the website www.freetrimetrides.com is was out of comission for the moment.

So here is a reminder and lets get working on expanding the fairless square to all of the greater Portland metropolitan area.


thoughts 02.May.2005 09:33


Sounds like the CAC is just an arm of Trimet policy. Riders would be greatly put out by any such measures. Tri met is a publicly trusted monopoly. The people have the power to create a free transportation system, where part of the cost of letting investors extract profit from business operation could be avoided. Also, we should have longer buses or double decker buses for those commuter times when people are crammed or even turned away.

tell them what you think 02.May.2005 14:13


Customer service at TriMet (they changed the name from "Tri-Met", by the way):

TriMet contacts page:

Resistance against the fare square. 02.May.2005 21:26


One of my best friend's professors has stated that he is going to organise a protest against the revocation of fareless square should it happen...

And I think it's a damn good idea.

Should we lose freless square we could simply refuse to pay while we jump on and off of the busses downtown.

Imagine if thousands of people simply got on and refused to pay. The drivers would take their stories back to the management and it would work its way up the chain of command...

couple such protest with ongoing support of reinstating the fareless square and you have a recipie for resistance.

Fareless square should be expanded not revoked.

Homework, anyone? 02.May.2005 22:37


How many "security concerns" have escalated?

Is there any evidence that harrassing passengers would have helped?

Why are police officers riding the met, seething because they can't hassle anyone, when they could be ripping up children's gardens, or eating donuts?

Come on folks! Being unable to nuke bio-terrorists is a problem only when they actually exist. Make them prove there is a problem before allowing them to hire more stasi.

that'll fool 'em... 03.May.2005 00:58


So exactly how does charging $1.40 reduce the threat of terrorism? Is Osama in his cave about to call off a mass attack all because TriMet asked him to cough up a buck and change? Yep, that'll strike fear in the terrorists' hearts!
I'd laff, if I wasn't so busy crying...

re that'll fool 'em... 03.May.2005 03:24

U don't get it yet?

see those A-rabs all have big bucks. and when they go to board a bus they will need exact change. so they will ask if any bus riders have change for a hundred. and then you will know they are a terrorist! or a corporate texan heading off for a sex tour of saipan. same thing. big money from oil and self rightous religious fanatics.

More ignored issue 03.May.2005 12:12


5 pipe bombs: 325 dollars
Ski mask: 15 dollars
Gun: 250 dollars

Getting on the max with out the money to pay for a max ticket thus toll police inspect you ignoring the large ticking bag and the ski mask on your head and the gun in your pocket before, but when they inspect you find that you indeed have a ski mask on your head a large ticking bag and a gun in your pocket and you are arrested: Priceless

Get FREAKING real people. If "terrorists" really wanted to destroy America they would steal the election for president and send our economy to hell in a handbag... O wait. We all know what this issue is really about. It is about those occasional rich types that have their BMW in the shop and :GASP: have to take the bus and see that there is a poor person on their asking for change. It is also an issue of making it so there is a more wealthy environment on the bus. Get real people, the rich people drive their hummers and BMW's to work. Why do they have to take our means of transportation away from us.

If they ever do shut down fareless square I will refuse to pay. Let us not forget the war on the poor. It is now illegal to loiter (sit or sleep) on a public sidewalk. Panhandling is almost illegal, and the poor are kicked out of places simply because they are dressed in rags. It would be silly to protest the fareless square alone. How about we protest the war on the poor. Get people educated, because even now some of the indymediars don't know about this issue. If we don't even know it, the people who research these types of issues, the public is bound to not have any education about it. Come on people!