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May Day in Portland: pics and update

It was good to see my community. We were several hundred strong. The music was great! I could not always here the speakers during the march, but the speakers at the stage were great.
We met in the North Park Blocks and there were speakers from unions, farmworkers, anarchists and Code Pink. Someone put up a maypole and unionists, anarchists, children, a farm worker and other people took hold of the ribbons that walked the may pole.

There were several hundred people who walked to the INS where speakers talked about legislation and corporation around immigrants and farm workers. Someone tried to burn a flag there and someone else tried to take it away and after a short tussle, the flag was given back and we all walked on.

We walked a mile or so to the World Trade Center where there was a banner strung across the street celebrating free trade. It was hard to hear the speakers because they did not have any kind of amplifying device.

There was a drum corp with us all the way, and radical cheerleaders, and people who I have not seen for months.

I am including some pictures with this story.

Thanks for showing up people. It's hard to show up when most people don't really care.
Jobs Not War 01.May.2005 19:04

Ben Waiting

Thanks Tom Potter
Thanks to City Police for being "polite"
Thanks to all Participants
Successful Rally and Parade
Very thankful for no~violence by authorities

Here are a few camera phone pictures
2 trucks full of Robo-Cops guarded the bridges
Horses kept 4 blocks aaaaaaaway
Ahhhhh peaceful march for Labor Rights in the City of Roses
Healthcare for all and Jobs not War
It was like the police were marching along with~us in solidarity...<kinda> heheh

Beyond the corporate cameras 01.May.2005 21:01


You may have not noticed, but this protest was very suspicious. It all started when the "peace officers" snatched a flag from the black bloc group, something even police cannot do. They told us that it was disrespectful or something. To clear this up, peace officers cannot even try to break up civil disobediance, they do not have the power. All they are allowed to do is wait five minutes during an act of civil disobediance, and then say we do not have the power to defend you any more, this act is now in the police hands. Then, there was the police building incident. The police had chain locked their doors, violating safety measure, which also is breaking the law. When I tried to get footage of it a woman police officer blocked my shot. I asked them why are they doing this and they told me I did not have the right to do it. I told them I have the freedom of associated press and that if they were breaking the law it needed to be recorded. They still declined me the right to record it, so I was sneaky and got it at a different angle. I heard from another videoista that a search had gone out for an individual in the protest, something they were not allowed to do. There was no civil disobediance, the cops just wanted to pick off people secretly. We both suspected they were looking for Pax, so I notified him. That is when I saw the riot squads. They took up the whole bridge in their icecream truck. There had to be at least twenty of them riding on it. I saw pepper spray bottles all over the place. The police wanted to turn this into a riot. That is when I felt it, someone was recording me. I looked over my shoulder to see police survelience right smack dab in my face. Another police officer was writing down what people looked like on her note pad. I told them that PJTTF had died and that they did not have the right to do this. They kept on filming, and we wrote down their badge numbers. The police wanted a riot. It was then that I felt like it was back 2 years ago. That our police system is breaking out of there somewhat peaceful cycle. I saw a man that was video recording the anarchists primarly. He held his camera in which it didnt look like he was filming. He recorded the flag burning. He looked like a cop. We told him that we would not like to be filmed and that he was part of a police agenda. He then replied, "it doesn't matter I still have all your faces on tape." It was then that we knew he was a cop. We tried to block him off and kept arguing with him that he did not have the right to do this. He whistled to the cop as if they were partners. The cop came over and said whats the problem. The camera man then said these people are harassing me. We told him that we were doing nothing of the sort. We said that he was a cop and that he should stop profiling us. He then said in a friendly voice to the officer as if they were friends, "hey, am I a cop?" The officer smiled and said no. I have all of this on tape and a lot more. I need some contact information to submit this. The regular email adress on this website isnt working.


mayday 01.May.2005 21:22

figuring things out

It is discouraging to me to feel that a successful event is defined as when most people are not hurt by authorities. It is a sad world indeed when it comes to that. I wish we could have events where success is measured in more tangible and proactive ways. But I understand that MayDay is more reserved for celebration and networking.
Did anyone have positive experiences with networking? Outreach? Education? Please share those positive experiences so that we all can learn more about what works.

overall, great day 01.May.2005 22:05


It was a great rally and march. I connected with lots of people from Code Pink, Radical Women, PPRC, Freedom Socialists, Veterans for Peace, Quakers for Peace, and video/picture friends. We get our pictures taken all the time. I smile & give them the "V." There was a guy carrying a full American flag who was near me in the march. Gag. I'm ashamed of it. Credit goes to the flag burning after the march. Oh yes, I got a whiff of marijuana smoke as a guy walked past. Ummmh! Solidarity forever!

hey ben 02.May.2005 06:35

analysis by the dude

no cop-just fed

Ben 02.May.2005 08:42

imc videoista

have you tried the videoresistance(at)riseup.net email addy?

WTC 02.May.2005 15:34

free trade sucks

"We walked a mile or so to the World Trade Center where there was a banner strung across the street celebrating free trade."

Did anything happen here? Did any demonstrators do anything to the banner? Why was the banner up there in the first place? BTW- how's cafta doing? I haven't been keeping up on the news. Was the banner related to cafta?

To Free Trade Sucks 02.May.2005 18:39

rebel girl

Why weren't you there? Why did you not do something to the banner? You some kind of arm chair progressive trying to manipulate the world from your computer. It was a good day to meet up with the people who care, and the people who do, and the people who sing to inspire us to get up off our asses. we are not your personal activists. you want the world better, do it...just do it!

helicopter circling overhead 02.May.2005 23:21


Forgot to mention the helicopter circling overhead. Big brother watching! Also, all the cops on the bridges.

Ooooops I had a good time! 03.May.2005 00:38

Busted for Smiling On a Cloudy Day

I marched and actually enjoyed expressing my view by participating as I knew I should.
wish there was more support but what the hey <~ho corporate power has got to go>
I seem too usually march to a different drum beat any way
had a great time all in all it was nice!
stood up marched for my opinion of May Day and Labor Rights
did the best I could ..can't speak for others... just myself and I did good and it was peaceful !wow!
yep ..had a good walk in solidarity and further my convictions of how I feel in support of Health Care and Fair Wages and ending CAFTA and the WAR machine profiteers on the backs of the labors & citizens and workers around the world.
hey? didn't notice ??? where there police there??? did we fight them or they fight us ...noooooooo !?
ahhh then das is ""GOOD"" ... azilllon cops that don't use violence is better than one who does !
I ignored them and then thanked the city for being well behaved and promoting a peaceful discourse and exchange of ideas and heck it was not a problem at all ?!!
was I looking for a fight ...hell no! just a rally ...then a parade ....kinda had a good time and got what I came for ya ....wish it was bigger ...but then I voted for Ralph Nader and want the war to end in Iraq so what the hay<market> ...... aaahhh shucks!

The WTC banner 03.May.2005 09:03


the banner was announcing that they have declared May(interesting choice) to be Free Trade month. Ewww!

Cops are never O.K. 03.May.2005 12:26

Gabe gabepeace@hotmail.com

First off let me say that just because the cops didn't crack me over the head this time doesn't mean that they are ok. They are working class people hired to do the dirty work of the rich (oppress the working class and the poor). They are class traders and I am never ok with them being at may-day. Let me say it very clear MAY DAY IS NO PLACE FOR CLASS TRADERS!!! Now for what I'm really agree at the North West Anarchist Federation. Maybe not the whole Federation but one chunky anarchist in particular who was wearing a white shirt with lines. The moment I saw the corprate media show up I was blocking there camera with my red and black flag. everywhere they went I would not let them get a shot in. Of course I had more moderate people at the protest yell at me, but I was very suprised when a man who I knew to be an anarchist came over and started yelling things like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING" "LET THEM DO THERE JOB" "EVERYONE is MAD AT YOU." I was like "are you joking". He proseded to come back and yell at me about 3-4 times on his last visit he told me that my comrades were agree with what I was doing and that I was not in solodarity with anyone. First off no one has the right to tell me who I am or am not in solodarity with. Second this anarchist lied most people did not even know what I was doing and ones who did where in support. Third I have never heard an anarchist stand up for Corprate media like that. This so called Anarchist is no Anarchist he is authoritarian and a class trader. If you (chuby class trader are reading this) you should be ashamed of yourself. Ya Basta!!!!

Ya 04.May.2005 12:52


Katu was there and I heard people getting guff for blocking there cameras. K fucking ATU. Refer to fuck the corporate media footage. I mean these people are the enemy, and no one can argue with that. Anarchists are supposed to be the most pissed off at them, not in agreeance with them. Once again, May day was fishy