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FBI smear on Eugene

The FBI has made a vicious smear on Eugene that could lead to violence. They need to held accountable for this.
A FBI agent from Billings, Bill Faser,"There are homegrown terrorist groups that wander around with their particular political agendas. Missoula and Eugene, Ore., are hotbeds for those types of people with that mentality."

Bill Faser ( Taser?) made a presentation on terrorism as a special addition to the Community ( of Sydney Montana )Emergency Response Team training.

The presentation, which was open to the public, concentrated on safety and how citizens can help in situations before first responders arrive.

Though the best source of help in emergencies is professional responders, in situations when they are not immediately available, people can use the skills taught in the CERT classes to help until professional help arrives.

"Terrorists' goals are to cause mass casualties, a loss of critical resources, disruption of vital services, disruption of the economy, and individual and mass panic," Faser said.

Faser identified the five main areas of terrorism that pose the greatest threats: biological, incendiary, nuclear, chemical and explosive.

"Terrorists target people, animals and crops," he said.

Faser covered various ways terrorists have used or could use biological and incendiary weapons as means of terrorism.

"There are homegrown terrorist groups that wander around with their particular political agendas. Missoula and Eugene, Ore., are hotbeds for those types of people with that mentality," Faser said. "There's a lot of ex-military and others who are that disgruntled with the government and/or society to have the desire for terrorism."

Faser covered in detail the types of chemical agents that are most often used in terrorist attacks. The dangerous chemical agents fall into five categories: blistering agents, blood agents, choking agents, nerve agents and riot control agents.

Environmental and physical signs that some type of noxious chemical is present in the area were also covered in detail.

"If you find sick or dead animals, see any unscheduled crop spraying, unusual vapor or mist clouds, or the absence of crops, wildlife or insects, those are all indicators. Physical signs include unattended packages, leaking packages or any suspicious activities," Faser said.

The group was educated on the necessary actions to take if and/or when a disaster or act of terrorism occurs.

"If you find 100 people lying dead in a parking lot with no signs of trauma, make your way up hill, up wind and find a land line to call for help. Cell phones may detonate vapors in the air. Most chemicals are heavier than air, so that's why you should walk up hill," Faser said.

The group present was instructed on how they could be of most assistance to the first responders by offering support and helping keep crowds away.

Many important facts and tips were presented including how and why to develop family disaster plans and how to help manage disasters.


Missoula is dubbed the Garden City for its mild winters relative to the rest of Montana. It's no wonder we're suffering some growing pains: Missoula is a pretty good place to live. Depending on the season, we hike, ski, fish, run rivers and ride mountain bikes. We talk politics and shoot pool. We're also a literate town; it's commonplace to chat with a local author about his or her latest book. (John Updike dubbed Missoula the "Paris of the 90's," a flattering but somewhat gross exaggeration.)

Missoula is located in an old, glacial lakebed, which is now cut by Clark Fork River. The Bitterroot River feeds into the Clark Fork on the Southwest edge of town; the famed Big Blackfoot River meets the Clark Fork just east of town.

The University of Montana is here, as is the Northern Region headquarters for the U.S. Forest Service. Retail trade is way up, extractive industries like logging are waning.

Just as the university students leave each year, the tourists arrive. Missoula is 3 hours south of Glacier National Park and 3-and-a-half hours west of Yellowstone National Park. It is surrounded by national forests and a handful of wilderness areas. In short, it's not a bad place to hang out in the summer or (if you like the snow) winter.

Enjoy your cyber visit here -- you'll find a bit of everything.


From: professor-rat
To:  editor@montana.com
Sent: Monday, May 02, 2005 9:00 AM
Subject: FBI says your a hotbed for terrorism - any comment?

"There are homegrown terrorist groups that wander around with their particular political agendas. Missoula and Eugene, Ore., are hotbeds for those types of people with that mentality," Faser said.



I would ask people in Portland and Eugene as well - The FBI says your a hotbed for terrorism - any comment?

Enquiring minds want to know.
it's this kind of stupid talk by tax-payer paid idiot's 01.May.2005 16:14

one who is tired of FBI bullshit

is why more and more of us are becoming more disillusioned with 'em and want 'em gone!
Who needs the fucking FBI if all they've got employeed is fucking idiots?

Wholy Blue Jeans 01.May.2005 16:24


All them homegrown tairrorists used to wear tie-dyed tee-shirts, have long hair, wear ragged old blue jeans, and go to the Country Fair. I jus reckin I donh know where all the long hare went.

Keeping us safe 01.May.2005 18:28


The 1960's radicals got a buzz cut and put on a suit to work for the FBI. They now serve Homeland Security or some other government goon squad. They're working hard keeping the sheep safe from figuring out who the real terrorists are.

FBI - Focus on the Right-Wing Terrorists! 01.May.2005 18:45


The FBI agent believes that "anarchists" are a threat to people and property, yet...

Who blew up the Oklahoma City Federal Building?
Who sent mail bombs to dozens of people, killing 3?
Who killed FBI agents at Ruby Ridge and Waco?
Who bombed abortion clinics and the Atlanta Olympics?
Who sent anthrax to members of Congress and tabloid newspapers, killing postal employees and a photographer?

All these terrorist actions were committed by white right-wingers, yet the FBI is continually targeting peaceful left-wing organizations while letting skinheads, "Patriots", wacko fundamentalist Christians, and libertarian nuts like the Unabomber and Montana Freemen plot unhindered.

FBI is continually targeting peaceful left-wing organizations... 01.May.2005 20:46

Pravda or Consequences

because the right wing extremists are recruited for the FBI, U.S. Marines, local police, etc.

Lame County 01.May.2005 23:59


There's more non-violent people in Eugene than anywhere else I've lived. Besides, we argue to much to ever get anything done....

Another way this guy doesn't know what he's talking about 02.May.2005 12:04


The advice to use a landline phone to avoid the risk of igniting vapors is specious. The arc produced by the hookswitch on a conventional phone is much more likely to set off an explosive atmosphere than a cell phone.

Just ask your local gas company. They generally advise NOT using a phone in the vicinity of a suspected leak because of the risk of explosion.

In any case where an explosive atmosphere might be present, the best advice is to get way the Hell away from the area altogether before using any phone to call for help.

asdf 02.May.2005 12:28


Varro, you left something out.

Who committed the crime of 9/11?
Elements within the U.S. government did, that's who. This fact is finally coming to the surface.

from what I been told, the Billings, Montana office of FBI 02.May.2005 13:22

is a nesting ground

for Mormon FBI agents...thick crowd of 'em...always see enemies in "others"! ha! ha!

my favorite bit... 02.May.2005 18:47

look up

... was "...see any unscheduled crop spraying, unusual vapor or mist clouds,..."

Yes, good point! Who are the "terrorists" spraying those thick white trails in teh sky, that later become clouds or make the sky overcast. I want my blue skies back! Not to mention my health!

oh bruder 03.May.2005 22:01


you guys are talking such nonsense that pales in comparison to what is really going on. You all keep tlaking about this horseshit drivel when there is something more sinister taking place. WAKE UP SHEEPLE and realize that the United States government (or factions within) planned and executed the attacks of 9-11. If you aren't talking about this in light of the C-SPAN presentation last weekend, then you probably shouldn't be talking at all.