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the Jeff Guckert-Gannon mess just will not be swept away

the pile of dirt at the White House is getting BIGGER and all the
vain attempts to sweep it away are failing...what's needed then is
a Bigger Broom manned by WE THE PEOPLE to come in and sweep clean
the whole damned house...pushed out ALL the trash, garbage, and
dirt and finally clean out that infested nasty house. The VOICE
OF THE WHITE HOUSE informs us a great deal with his/her latest
posting of April 27th, which I've taken liberty to post in it's
entirety below.

People, let's grab our brooms and march to Washington, DC and help
clean out and sweep that place...

Voice of the White House April 27, 2005
TBR News.org - April 27, 2005

" Much terror here in the Fag Palace. It seems that Democratic Reps. Louise Slaughter of New York and John Conyers of Michigan filed a freedom of information request and were given Secret Service records of Gannon/ Guckert's visits to the White House. We now know that the dangerously indiscreet and very unhappy Gannon kept what has been called a "very frank and revealing" personal journal. Conyers and Slaughter have previously indicated that Guckert's journal might contain information of value to the Valerie Plame investigation if, in fact, Guckert had been given some sort of access to documents related to the Plame leaks.

"A person in the White House briefing room who had access to a memo revealing the operative's name also kept a journal of his days covering the White House," the letter to investigator Fitzgerald stated. "We bring this to your attention because we believe your office may need to subpoena the journal to further the work of the grand jury."

"It now appears that Mr. Guckert memorialized his experiences at the White House," the letter added, noting Guckert's comments that he might turn the journal into a book. From a very recent Russian press release, it seems that Guckert is making plans with a Russian firm based in South East Asia to reprint all of his journals. "It would be unfortunate if Mr. Guckert published information that would be useful to your investigation, such as the identity of the person who gave him the memo, without your office having the benefit of its contents," the letter continued.

My God, such fun! Seems that our professional male prostitute, phony "news" reporter and keeper of a Forbidden Journal, using a Secret Service day pass, visited the White House 196 times in two years, and spent the night 12 times! That's right, spent the night 12 times.

Who did he spend the night with?

The usual mindless gossip 'bloggers' are accusing Fat Karl the Eunuch of hosting him but we here know this is not true. Not that Fat Karl doesn't like a bit of tying up and manly spanking on his immense flabby bottom from time to time but Karl does not live in the White House and is hardly going to sneak back in and turn tricks with "Captain Bulldog" in a White House broom closet. Sweet Ken M., Bush's fond choice for the head of the GOP is another cinch choice for some high level fudge packing but he is out too. Sweet Ken is Otherwise Occupied.

The Secret Service has people working in it who do not like Bush or his nocturnal activities and they released the logs although they refused to do so during the investigations into Clinton's activities in the White House. I have seen copies of these and have been checking them, (actually my computer-savvy secretary has been doing this) against what was going on inside the White House when Gannon appeared and, especially, when he was overnighting. Guess what? There were many times when he visited here when there were no press conferences or news briefings. These were for the daytime visits. For the nighttime visits, I checked his dates against rosters of staff who are assigned here for night duty such as Secret Service, White House police, computer operators and switchboard people types. The question arises, children, as to whether Gannon would spend the night here with some flunky. This is not a hotel. There is a very good chance that someone getting a head job in a closet or other vacant area would be nailed by the security staff. Did he sleep in the head? On the floor? On the piano? No? Not believable? The President has a small, private bedroom for resting that is directly connected to the Oval office. Perhaps Gannon was allowed to bunk in there, safe from bothersome Secret Service or security people.

Here is the question for your readers: Whom did Gannon service on his sleepovers? Since 9/11, the White House security checks are meticulous - it is almost impossible for the average Joe Public to get into the White House even once during the day, much less 196 times, and even more so OVERNIGHT! And Guckert was no Joe Public - he was a person of bad character - a known male hooker, fraudulently claiming to be a reporter, and using a false name. Only direct orders from the absolute highest levels of the Fag Palace would have given such a person this kind of access. Need I say more? And please note that Captain Bulldog was one of the very few members of the press to be allowed inside the White House to cover the January 26, 2005 special Presidential press conference. If there were no events for a newsman, no matter how phony, to cover, why did he come here?

A check of the staff rosters indicate that <>only one person<> was in the White House on all the dates that Gannon slept over. The same person <>was always here<> when Gannon visited on days when <>there was no press action to cover<>. My, my, who could that be? Do you believe in coincidences? Do you believe in the Tooth Fairy? If Gannon had something going with a staffer, they would go to a motel or someone's apartment in the area... unless the other person <>could not leave the White House without drawing attention to their absence<>.

Consider this, too, children. Gannon is a well-known, heavily advertised (on the gay internet) male prostitute operating in Washington, D.C. Gannon is not now and never was from Texas. It is interesting to contemplate a small, fanatical very right wing Texas-based website whose owner, Robert "Bobby" Eberle* (See below for Eberle CV. Ed ), is a close personal friend of the President, hiring a Washington, D.C. male whore with no journalistic experience at all to go to the White House as their "representative." This is the "TalonNews Service" run by Eberle who is listed as their "Editor in Chief." Actually, "TalonNews" was set up as a conduit for official White House news releases and nothing else. When the Gannon scandal erupted, "TalonNews" faded quickly into the fetid Texas political swamps from whence it had come and even more quickly.

Eberle is also listed as President and CEO of GOPUSA, a "conservative news, information, and design company dedicated to promoting conservative ideals." In the wake of the Gannon scandal, Eberle has tried to claim that GOPUSA and TalonNews are not connected but I know that both of these entities are registered to the same Texas address, which is Eberle's personal residence.

The TalonNews.com domain name registration lists Eberle's email address as  bobby.eberle@gopusa.com Articles on TalonNews.com consist of brief introductory paragraphs, followed by a link to "Read more"; clicking on that link takes you to a page that announces, "This story can be found on our #1 client -- GOPUSA!" Readers are then redirected to the GOPUSA.com site. GOPUSA, which claims, in error, to have "millions of daily viewers" is a typical proto-fascist weird Texas product designed to delight and entertain the denizens of trailer parks and other Bush supporters. It is interesting to note that Eberle's propaganda machine is strongly pro-family and anti-gay. Why, one wonders, did the pure and noble Eberle hit upon the well-known male Internet whore to act as his representative to the White House? It certainly wasn't Gannon's known lack of experience in journalism. Perhaps it was his self-avowed eight inch penis that gained him unlimited entrée. To many things.

After Gannon abruptly resigned his position at GOPUSA/TalonNews, he claimed he was not paid very much but only got "a kind of stipend" from Eberle. He said he earned that stringer arrangement with GOPUSA, with no journalism experience, after "a breakfast meeting" in Washington with owner Bobby Eberle.

Although Eberle was not a member of Washington's powerful inner circle, a member of his Board of Directors, Peter Hannaford* (See below for Hannaford CV. Ed) certainly is. A longtime San Franciscan, Republic publicist and an active member of Ronald Reagan's administration as Governor of California, Hannaford is certainly well-connected in various Washington circles and insiders have indicated that Hannaford might well have introduced Gannon to Eberle at the so-called "breakfast meeting"

It appears very clearly to all of us here in the Fag Palace and inside the Beltway cocktail circuits that some <>high level pimping was in motion, nothing else<>. No wonder the Rove propaganda machine has been cranking out reams of irrelevant, silly nonsense about Gannon ("Is he really Johnny Gosch, Abducted Paper Boy?") to keep the jabbering blogging idiots and the stupid public thrilled with useless and inaccurate stories. The real story is much more important and entertaining. By the way, it has gotten all over the Beltway that Gannon is HIV+ and has been for some time. That bit of news ought to keep certain very highly placed people unhappy as hell! Another State Funeral a la Reagan in the offing? Facial lesions finally clarified?

Also, in the same area, there is growing panic over the information, strictly embargoed and classified, that a surveillance tape from the in-house security system has gone Dixie! No one knows what might be on it but it has really disappeared from a very, very secure area. Many of us suspect what is on it and if we are right and it gets onto the Internet (the tame media would <>never, never dare<> to even hint at it) then the fecal matter will strike the fan with force.

Of course I could be very, very specific about who, what, why, where, when and how (as my old journalism 212 teacher would have insisted) but anyone who has to take more then twenty seconds to figure this one out is brain dead.

I see lots of fun coming, children.

There are those of us here who do not worship at the shrine of God's drooling Second Son and we are all exchanging knowing winks and nods.

I was conversing with a Marine Corps guard last week and he referred, with a wide smirk, to 'ol' Bush, broke open like my Granddaddy's 12 gauge shotgun... .." And when one of the Ice Virgins, as I call some of the very religious, and crazy, old aunties in the typing pools, says that the President was on his knees in the Oval office, it very well might not have been to pray to his Real Father.

Yes, this is going to be fun because our gutless, hand-puppet press is so busy looking the other way.

I suppose Certain People ought to be tested for HIV+ but that is just an idle thought.

Yes, we are all waiting for the second shoe to drop, especially if, as is strongly rumored, Gannon publishes his sizzling journals. If this ever happened, and Gannon would have a terrible traffic accident (a bus would fall off of a tall building when Gannon was underneath it) long before anything saw print, there would be a mass exodus from Washington. The Beltway's loss would certainly be San Francisco's Castro District's gain in that case. Why not join us in waiting?"

See our Inside the White House archives:

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Last updated 30/04/2005

. 01.May.2005 16:40



Delicious, darling... 01.May.2005 17:55


...please keep us posted.

Gannon is the thread that unravels everything 02.May.2005 09:28

Wild Speculator

Gannon and the concept of pornography/blackmail in general make some very interesting connections with what's going on in the world these days ...

Check out this post at DU:
 link to www.democraticunderground.com

A guy named Todd Blodgett who got caught up in the 1989 Franklin boy sex scandal is accused of having set up a call boy ring in partnership with an Iraqi, Joe Aziz (aka Aziz al-Taee) who was once busted for possesion of a huge number of plastic envelopes used to sell crack. Blodgett and Aziz are said to have sold lists of the names of their high-level Beltway clients to the Iranians and a gay group in DC.

When G.W. was trying to build momentum for our current war, he used faked intelligence from "Iraqi exiles" like Chalabi and none other than Joe Aziz! Aziz was being shopped around the country by GOPUSA. He was the head of something called the "Iraqi American Council."

Who was the "reporter" for GOPUSA shopping Aziz? None other than our own Gannon/Guckert.

Remember Nick Berg, the guy in the phony-looking "beheading" video starring the non-Jordanian accented al-Zarquawi and his gang of gold-ring wearing Muslim extremists? You know, the guy who gave his email address to would-be 9-11 hijacker Zacarias Moussaoui? Aziz was reportedly the last people to have spoken to him "alive." He was Berg's business partner or employee, according to HamdenRice, author of the above post.

My own opinion is that Berg worked at Abu Ghraib, was "executed" at Abu Ghraib (there has been much speculation of identical cameras having been used, identical furniture in the photographs), and Abu Ghraib is as much a porno/blackmail factory as anything else. Note that Aziz has been tied to Wolfowitz and bachelor Nick Berg favored a military-style haircut and grew up in West Chester, the town where JD Guckert/Gannon went to college.

The above thread is a treasure trove of investigative information -- look into it!

Gannongate link that unravels everything, part II, same track 02.May.2005 15:08

thanks Mrs. Griggs

would someone please post this link to the DU site, if they are a member:

VIDEO:GRIGGS whistleblower,homosexuality as U.S. state blackmail in drug running/terrorism
by repost Monday, Mar. 28, 2005 at 1:42 PM
How does the U.S. government keep state terrorism and criminality secret? Mrs. Griggs tells you: she's a whistleblower on the technique; "Homosexuality 'hazing' as state blackmail in drug running & state terrorism networks in the United States"; This edited film is narrated by Eric Hufschmid, author of 9-11 book/DVD "Painful Questions"; Mrs. Griggs, in her videotaped interviews recently, discovered her high level military husband's diary and was suitably horrified at what she read. She then began asking questions of her friends in the military wives club, and many of them confessed to the same dirty little secrets. Her candor on video is both disturbing and compelling: the woman has come to grips with the fact that this "culture," as she calls it, is rife within senior U.S. military, and that the stain of being called out as a queer is what keeps the men quiet to the arms- and drugs-running that are a vital function of the U.S. military. You want to know a major "administrative" network running the world's state terrorism? In terrorism operations in the West, from behind the scenes? Everything from: drug running, organized crime, pedophilia, The Franklin Cover Up, Gannon/Gosch, war profiteering of munitions corporations, the completely compromised General Staff of the U.S. military, state terrorism operations, fake wars, homosexual/heterosexual 'hazing' rituals for blackmailing purposes in U.S. miltiary "black projects" and in intelligence services, Zionists of NYC, German Nazis, Nazi Krupp corporate state family, Eisenhower, Bohemian Grove, and the psychological 'ruining' effects of such 'hazings' where high elites have sponsored lower economic class boys who are 'turned' to be willing lackeys. Keeping in mind the whole Gosch/Gannon "male whore in the White House" issue, this fits right into it, lock and key: the same "black operations sex network" is utilized for multiple and different types of "black operations" from terrorism to fake journalists. That is why the same people are seen, recycled over and over. Griggs describes this REAL networked power structure in the United States that is bisexual, pedophilic, and parasitial. It operates as a dual informal power structure across networks of formal power. It relies on sexual blackmail as a motivating framework for creating willing criminals. The main point is to create to have access to this network of minions, who are blackmailable privately in their different formal positions of government and the miltary. This forces into existence as well as keeps quiet illegal black operations that are harmful to democracy, and which, in this 9-11 case, many be the selfsame U.S. state terrorist network. Information about the intentional laying down of sexual blackmail and its use begins around 3 min in to the first video.
VIDEO:  http://www.indybay.org/news/2005/03/1730068.php (2 .wmv videos, 20 min. each. 17.2 MB and 18.7 MB)