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A. Aaron Weisburd, Enemy of Liberty

Cyber terrorist claims to be protecting us from cyber terrorism. The only problem is that the only cyber attacks we've experienced have come from him and not from Jihadists.

A. Aaron Weisburd, Enemy of Liberty

RE: Watchdogs Seek Out The Web's Bad Side

While most Americans are tossing in their sleep, dreaming of the freedom they once had, Andrew Aaron Weisburd lurks in his attic, snickering over the torment he has inflicted upon scores of Americans. Dressed in his Army tee-shirt, hunched over his keyboard, confident that his snitching to law enforcement will protect him, Weisburd goes where many men have gone before: down the sewer of hatred and destruction. You see, Weisburd was "deeply effected" by the attacks of 9/11. He believes the official version of the events on faith and has decided that 9/11 gives him a free pass to express his inner child. With a complete lack of moral scruples, a deep antipathy for those who think on their own, and a black-and-white view of the world fit for a pre-pubescent teenage boy soon to bud into an adult serial killer, Weisburd wields the electronic book burning torch passed onto him by "great" men of the past who, like Weisburd, feared the thoughts of ordinary men and led panicked and ignorant mobs to the literary bon-fires. I'm not sure how many books Hitler burned to oblivion, but in terms of the complete and total destruction of published information, Hitler cannot even hold a torch to Weisburd who brags with pride of having destroyed more than 600 electronic books and publications known as "websites."

Weisburd does not go after the wealthy. He does not go after the powerful. Weisburd reserves his wrath for the poor dissident, the hated Muslim, the marginalized liberal, the despised Arab - those who will find no support in the officialdom of the American regime he worships and services. He conducts his reign of terror and witch burning under the guise of an anti-terrorism project. In Weisburd's eyes, Bush called him to action when the feeble minded President announced to the world that "you are either with Bush or with the terrorists." Armed with this handy definition of "pro-terrorist", Weisburd has decided that any American opposed to Bush, opposed to the war on Iraq, opposed to unquestioned aggression against Arab and Muslim states, or opposed to the idea of government is fair game for underhanded, malicious, endless, unethical, unprovoked, and terrorist harassment. Weisburd is not alone. Amongst his "supporters" are members of the U.S. Military, some spending their tax-paid time assisting Weisburd from their offices in the Pentagon, in Central Command, and from military bases stretched across the globe. His supporters also include ethically crippled local cops who, like Weisburd, harass other Americans for no reason other than their ethnicity or religion, and find comfort in Weisburd's cause as a "get out of jail free card" which allows them to rationalize their official oppression against Weisburd's victims.

Weisburd has received an avalanche of press coverage over his "anti-terrorist" Internet activities. No where and at no time has anyone bothered to contact a single website owner of the more than six hundred websites he claims to have shut down to ask them for their opinion on what Weisburd is doing. Weisburd has unilaterally decided that six hundred individuals are pro-terrorist. He has made this determination without a court of law and even without a single opportunity for his targets to defend themselves. Having made this determination, in his "infinite wisdom," Weisburd had denied these six hundred individuals of their personal property and their right to free expression. Moreover, since most of the websites he has targeted have open forums or present news and information, he has denied millions of individuals their right to post views on these websites or read the information contained in them. It is as if Weisburd has led a mob of cops, Military personnel, and vigilantes into book shops across the planet, ransacked the bookshops and removed every copy of six hundred publications, gathered them together in one place, and burned them forever. No one will lift a finger against him - not even the press! This is not the America I grew up in and Weisburd is the anti-pole of my idea of what this country was intended to be all about. I wonder if Hitler would have needed to become leader of Germany to accomplish his goals had he had PayPal and an Internet connection?

Weisburd claims to be fighting against the evil behind the attacks of 9/11. I ask you, what is more evil, to randomly select individuals to murder in an instant or to systematically identify individuals whose beliefs you dislike, stalk them for years online, harass their families, harass their employers, torment them, threaten their loved ones, and libel and defame them until they lose their will to live, surrender their right to free speech, and become the walking of dead? Victims of Weisburd feel as if they have been publicly gang raped by his online disinformation and harassment campaigns, not once, but for years on end. I, myself, would prefer to have died on 9/11 than to have put up with Weisburd's harassment for years and seen what it has done to myself and those I love. In my mind and within my personal experience, Weisburd is a greater menace to our freedom and peace of mind than a dozen Osama bin-Ladens. I worry less about an Airplane crashing into my window than I do about Weisburd's volunteers following me in the street (which they have done).

From what I've written, you might think that I am a Muslim, running some kind of Jihadist website. I am not a Muslim. I am an average American. I got on Weisburd's bad side by putting up a couple of websites questioning George Bush. I've seen what Weisburd has done, not only to me, but to others. He is a blackmailer, a terrorist, a stalker, and an obsessive/compulsive con-artist. That "legitimate" reporters write glowing reports of his slash-and-burn campaign against free speech sickens me. Weisburd will be remembered, not as a hero, but as cowardly sociopath who decided to ruin the lives of fellow Americans that had a more enlightened view of the world during a deeply troubling time. I know, because I intend to write the history of his vile campaign against liberty.