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Sisters of the Siskiyou

The last women's day of resistance against logging the Biscuit was a huge success. Some missed the opportunity to participate and many women asked us to do it again. So here it is gals.
See very impressive video of March 14th at
See very impressive video of March 14th at
MONDAY, MAY 16 - Women of all ages & demographics: Been wanting to step up? Now's the time!!

RIGHT NOW - we have a disproportionate opportunity to make a huge impact, because the fleeting and fickle eye of the national media has noticed us!! It's mealtime, ladies. Letter writing and attending meetings isn't enough anymore. So help save the Siskiyou Wild River's area from further rape - and let's help prevent deceitful "salvage logging" hoaxes like the illegal "Biscuit Fire Recovery Project" from destroying Old-Growth & Roadless areas nationwide! Folks interested in participating should attend these meetings where much training and organizing will occur; with "non-violence", "know your rights" and "radical cheerleading" workshops. Spread the word. Organize, organize, organize... don't wait for anyone else, please plug in & do it yourself!! The devil's in the details & we need you.
Ashland: April 28th & May 10th @ 7:00 PM - call Carey 482-6670 or Dot 482-3269 for location. Possibly also a third meeting in between these dates.
Grants Pass: May 2 and May 9th @ 6:00PM and May 14 @4:00PM - "Creative Alternatives" ; 229 G street (next to Grants Pass Museum of Art) call Annette for more info: 592-4334.
Takilma: 6:30PM, May 3rd and May 10th, at Wyldwood's, call for directions & info: 592-4401
Come to weekly Biscuit Alliance meetings: Wednesday's @ 5:30 Pm. Held at the Selma Community Center. (On 199 in Selma, look for Coyote Coffee Stand)
Support people, musicians, artists, independent media, dogs, and kids: bring it all!! Crazy and serious signs, unique messaging, puppets, let's be in rare and LARGE form!! There are plenty of support roles - that men can fill as well. (We like men!!) There will also be other meetings in Roseburg, Eugene, Portland, San Francisco, etc. Announcements will appear: pass them on & watch for newer flyers.
To get involved, call Dot; 482-3269, Annette; 592-4334, Kerul; 301-3892, Joan; 592-4335 or the Wild Siskiyou Action Line; 659-2682. For more general info on the Biscuit, resistance and all such pertaining to "Siskiyou Summer" check websites: www.o2collective.org www.kswild.org www.siskiyou.org www.biscuit.n3.net www.rogueimc.org  siskiyou@cascadiarising.org

homepage: homepage: http://o2collective.org/archives/000039.html#more

Portland Solidarity 01.May.2005 09:55


I'm down for this sisters. Who else in Portland would like to get together and plan to go to the Siskiyou's on May 16th. Brothers, we could use support. Is there anyone in Portland organizing for the May 16th event?

It's hard to stand up
the burden is heavy and we are mostly alone
but if we don't do it now
later, we may never be able to get up off our knees
sisters, my knees are scared from scrubing up the messes of corporatists
Sometimes I can barely get out of bed because my dreams are much better
than this world
but...still I rise
come with me
don't give it up
it's such a beautiful thing to lose
this life, the wilderness, the water, the creatures, the air, the sky,
the freedom

If there is no one willing to organize in Portland, I will
let me know on this website if you want to get together
to plan and to go

Cascadia Rising organizes carpools to the Siskiyous 01.May.2005 14:50

Cascadia Rising action--at--cascadiarising.org

Cascadia Rising organizes carpools for Portland to the Siskiyous on a regular basis, and will be doing so for this event. contact us action--at--cascadiarising.org 503-493-7495.

We also are having a fundraiser for a number of forest defense groups, including the biscuit defenders the weekend before this event: see  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/04/315986.shtml for more info.

Lastly, we have lots of educational resources about the biscuit! contact us anytime to get involved in Portland activism in support of the biscuit defenders.