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Madison IMC hacked and taken down as well? more info?

This is what the cover page looks like. Recently of course there has been lots of traffic and interest in visiting this IMC because of the recent UW-Madison 9-11 talk there, by David Ray Griffin which appeared on CSPAN less than 24 hours ago. Then the whole website at Madison IMC is down!

An odd hack to leave an email contact without claiming responsibility why?
current coverpage, May 1, 2005: 8:30 a.m EST
current coverpage, May 1, 2005: 8:30 a.m EST
Contact these ips services & gov angacies........ 01.May.2005 17:13

Me Thinks.............

For starters, contact sbc.net (southwest bell communications, Inc.) That college uses it's communication system to connect to the web. Southwest bell server logs will show this illegal activity. What you may not know about sbc is that they merged with verizon not long ago. They also merged with at&t too.

Contact level3.net since the sites they have hacked were send through level3.net to get to NYC IMC and other indy sites. They will have server logs that will trace back to the offending personal and/or college computers.

About 90 percent of all internet traffic goes through level3.net here in the u.s. And that internet service in Bellevue, WA: Privacy Protection Service, Inc. uses level3.net to connect it's clients to the web.

A little info on doing whois with ip's coming in from level3.net using samspade.org is that level3.net dns servers are aborting the quarries when I attempt to get info on their clients.

Get a hold of an attorney and file a class action suit against sbc.net, level3.net, privacy protection service, inc. and the college for allowing a criminal hacking team to work at, through their networks to shutdown indymedia sites.

Contact private investigators and hire them to track these hackers and cache them with their pants down and dirty.

File criminal charges with the state of texas on those running this criminal activity, listing the college administrator on down to the computer lab instructors. Don't leave anyone out of this loop when you file.

Make a copy of that filed compliant and post it everywhere you can think of on the web, don't leave a stone unturned.

File a compliant with washington state attorney general's office since they are using a service located in that state. Put them out of business for good and file a criminal compliant with the local district attorney's office too! Send a copy to the Governor of that state too, she's a Democrat!

Then try to get the print media to cover the story.

Get in contact with software developers and let them know about this community college and put them on notice that if they have anyone enrolled at that college who night be using bata forms of their software will be brought into this class action suit for supplying the hackers with the tools to bypass security systems.

Since they have crossed international lines to shutdown sites, contact interpool too. Lets make the world aware of their criminal activity.

update 02.May.2005 03:01


current coverpage, May 2, 2005: 4:00 a.m. EST
current coverpage, May 2, 2005: 4:00 a.m. EST

Server Patched? 02.May.2005 07:55

Antinomias Vermont

So, this is a coupla times in a week. Are the servers' patches up to date? What services are running? Has a forensic analysis been done? Are you using iptables and hardening your systems? Finally, have you considered OpenBSD?

Unrelated to Griffin 03.May.2005 10:31

MadIMC Tech

Madison IMC and various other IMC sites were defaced over the weekend via an exploit in a popular IMC software package. This is your first screenshot. Since Madison was only one among several IMCs hit, I see no strong link between the attack and the Griffin coverage.

The second screenshot shows the result of global indymedia deciding to change Madison's DNS to point somewhere other than at the defaced server until it could be addressed. So while alarming, this was not a second attack.

The exploit did not yield root access, and the mechanism employed resulted in all actions being logged. Also the attacker appears to have been more interested in thumbing his nose at the IMC network than in compromising data. The hole has been closed, attacker's droppings cleaned up, and the system is being further scrutinized and evaluated.

Thanks for the love!

MadIMC Tech

Some usefull info 03.May.2005 18:51

Indy User

Yesterday I had conversations with Qwest Communications concerning Privacy Protection Service, Inc. in Bellevue, WA and they stated that they (Qwest) would pull the plug on this Privacy Protection Service, Inc. if it can be proven that they are protecting g00ns.com and their illegal activity. That includes Qwests fiber optic network as well.  abuse@qwest.com

I also contacted level3.com and they too stated that if it can be proven that the community college is protecting these hackers, they would pull the plug on them and not allow the college to use their network for such illegal activity.  abuse@level3.com Level3.com is the backbone for the net people.

Don't know about sbc though? That's southwest bell communications, they too might get the hint and pull the plug on this community college for running criminal activity.  abuse@sbc.net or .com?