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DHS Simulated terror attack to happen in Portland; Call for activist response

It's Called TOPOFF 4 and it has happened in several cities already. We have a year to prepare: will we be ready to show the DHS how portland will respond?

I am imagining how WE would respond to a terror attack. the DHS would try to take us over to establish martial law, but we would hold potlucks in the streets, we would take over and plant gardens, we would rally to ensure that those who hold power in the council and state act following the will of the people.

let's not protest the Simulation, let's inhabit it! let's act as if there has been a terror attack and let's treat one another as if we were in the midst of a disaster and it was nessisary to care for one another. let activists stage neighborhood assemblies and permaculturists distribute composting toliets and let black cross treat the wounded.

THEY are using the senario to get better organized. so should we!
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