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Oregonian goofs -- publishes "a fair article" about City's withdrawl from PJTTF; Quickly covers up mistake same day

At 4AM I picked up the April 29th , 2005 Oregonian. It had a front page article titled "Joy in galley as Portland quits FBI task force" (It really did - I still have the paper!). By nine I came across the OTHER April 29th, morning (NOT the Street Final) that ran an article titled "Families living atop asbestos site to be moved" occupying the same front page spot instead - with no mention anywhere in the newspaper about the original PJTTF article or anthing about Portland's decision.

'Matilda' writes: All right, I admit it. I looked up this article online. I hate the Oregonian, I make it a point never, ever to read that rag anymore, after all they have done to prove themselves unworthy of so much as lining the bottom of my compost pit. But on my way home from work, I happened to walk past a paper box, and I saw that headline. ABOVE THE FOLD, no less...

So yes, I read the article online as soon as I got home. And damn if it wasn't what it seemed! It was all about how happy everyone here in pdx (even if not in Washington) was that the resolution passed, that people in the gallery were overjoyed, that Saltzman alone got a stony silence, and that when it passed, the gallery erupted into 3 minutes of applause. It also detailed the reasons why the proposal was so warmly greeted -- including the abuses of the JTTF and concerns of civil rights violations. It directly quoted the best parts of Potter's speech, and seemed to keep everything in appropriate context.

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