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Portland Workers Celebrate May Day, Monday May 1st

PDX IMC Web Radio
Call-in your reports: 503 715 0994
PLDN Jail Support
Call-in arrests: 503 234 4518
Video Network
South Park Blocks (SW Park and Mill)
9:30am - Music, dance, and a play
11am - Rally & March at noon
3pm - more music & speeches
4pm - Rally

OTHER CASCADIA ACTIONS: Olympia | Seattle | Salem | Medford | Eugene

Join the Great American Boycott of 2006 | International Workers Solidarity | Respect Workers' Rights | No Human Being is Illegal | Stop the ICE Raids

Later Events: Mayday party at IWW Hall, B2B Cafe (5:30p) | AFTER MAYDAY GO TO "FOR THOSE YET TO COME" (7p) | Mayday Movie Night at the Clown House (8p) | "On the Air in the Americas" on May 2

[ Nota de padres por faltar escuela / Parents note for student absence May 1st | Bilingual Pamphlet About Radical Context of May Day | Resources for Workers Participating in May Day Protests | Apoyo a la HUELGA de los INMIGRANTES! Strike & march on May Day! EN,ES ]