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The OTHER April 29th, 2005, Oregonian - About the JTTF

At 4AM I picked up the April 29th , 2005 Oregonian. It had a front page article titled "Joy in galley as Portland quits FBI task force" (It really did - I still have the paper!). By nine I came across the OTHER April 29th, morning (NOT the Street Final) that ran an article titled "Families living atop asbestos site to be moved" occupying the same front page spot instead - with no mention anywhere in the newspaper about the original PJTTF article or anthing about Portland's decision.
it's still online 29.Apr.2005 18:07


Blackout 29.Apr.2005 18:37

balsam root

I looked at the 4/29 "northwest final" edition, distributed in the middle Columbia Gorge.

No report of the city council's activities of last night appear in the A section or Metro/NW section D, including Editorial and Commentary pages.

I guess it wasn't as important as the Right made it out to be.

the rightwing nutters do take it seriously 29.Apr.2005 18:59

watcher of the watcher's

as they had their pet spokesman, Det. Robert King babbling on the radio about it
early this morning on 1190AM about 3:00AM.

If I were Mayor Potter, I'd tell this dude to retire from PPB and talk all he may
want to...on his own time! I'm tired--as a citizen--paying this guy's salary and he posturing and preening like he's the POWER to be reckoned with everytime an issue comes up that involves the police. Either he's the union rep full-time or
he's a police detective full-time.

Mayor Potter don't need to put up with him like Vera seemingly did. Potter can
and should fire him if he don't learn his place and shut up or ship out. ((Simple
solutions for simple people)) I would sincerely hope that the fruitless days of
pandering to this overly pampered grown-up babies is over, and they're finally
forced to act like adults! That's my opinion on it....

What's going ON? 29.Apr.2005 20:51


All right, I admit it. I looked up this article online. I hate the Oregonian, I make it a point never, ever to read that rag anymore, after all they have done to prove themselves unworthy of so much as lining the bottom of my compost pit. But on my way home from work, I happened to walk past a paper box, and I saw that headline. ABOVE THE FOLD, no less. Well, of course I wasn't giving them a handfull of change, but I did want to read it. To see if it was really what it looked like...a fair appraisal of the hearing last night. I figured there had to be a punchline, and almost didn't wanna see it. But...I couldn't believe they would put a positive spin on the pullout right there on the front page, ABOVE the FOLD, even in headline form. What could be up?

So yes, I read the article online as soon as I got home. And damn if it wasn't what it seemed! It was all about how happy everyone here in pdx (even if not in Washington) was that the resolution passed, that people in the gallery were overjoyed, that Saltzman alone got a stony silence, and that when it passed, the gallery erupted into 3 minutes of applause. It also detailed the reasons why the proposal was so warmly greeted -- including the abuses of the JTTF and concerns of civil rights violations. It directly quoted the best parts of Potter's speech, and seemed to keep everything in appropriate context. No WAY! What gives???? First, the Mayor turns out to be a good person, then the riot pigs stop pepper spraying babies (at least for now), and now the OREGONIAN is printing a fair article? I know, I know, it was only one article. And I'm still not buying their crap. But, this one honest reporter seems to have sneaked through their facade. Here is her email address:  annagriffin@news.oregonian.com. Drop her a line and thank her, and see if you can figure out how she managed to slip through their wall of lies when no other reporter seems to have been able to do that. And keep an eye on her...she may be out of a job soon, and we should support her if that comes about. Like Potter says, we gotta take care of each other.

I too agree with you there "watcher" 30.Apr.2005 11:32

radio listener

as I heard this King on radio as well.

Are we suppose to give a damned when this guy says something?

The TV, radio and THE OREGONIAN give this clown too much "air time" in my opinion.

How does he get any detective work done if he's all the time posturing rightwing causes?

We need to put pressure on Potter, Foxworth, & all them to yank this clowns chains!

so true 30.Apr.2005 13:59


I love the title of the featured version of this article. Classic.

reply to 'reader' 30.Apr.2005 14:49

pdx indyista

thanks! it was a fun one to write!

(FYI: the headline, and the little topic title, are the only places where pdx indymedia editors might vary from what was offered by the original poster. all text in the article stays the same, with no editing.)

I sent the author of that article an email 30.Apr.2005 18:15


Journalist Anna Griffin says it's not at all unusual that the midmorning street edition would have a different headline, but she's confident that the JTTF article would be in there somewhere. If you've checked through and through and the article's not in there, you might want to send her an email, not that a journalist could do anything about it if the editor wanted something vanished--or that a journalist would even check the papers to know.

Me, I have seen hardly a mention on the national scene and the AP article I did see was biased. Remembering how much Fox News ranted about things BEFORE the withdrawal, you'd think this would be even bigger news, but maybe I just haven't seen it.

An account of my Sunday paper 30.Apr.2005 18:42


This reminds of a similar occurrence that happened to me a couple months ago, though this wasn't a political decision.

I bought a Sunday Oregonian at my local Chevron and then later, as I was going through it, I noticed that there were two Metro sections and two Sports sections. They were almost identical, except the headlines were different, and possibly one of the cover stories of one of those segments. So after I collected the segments in question, I put them side by side and compared the differences. There weren't many, so I thought hard first about why there were two of each segment, why they were slightly different, and if there was one that was more "right" than the other one. It occurred to me just how pliable and elusive the truth really is, and reality for that matter. Which segment of the paper was real? What did reality mean?

Finally, I looked at the weather, which happened to be on the back of the sports page, and realized the difference. One of the sports and one of the metro sections had come from the Sunday paper that is put out on Saturday, and the rest of the paper was a later edition. How those two segments got in that paper I'll never know. But I learned something that day.

maybe this is irrelevant 01.May.2005 01:38


I'll always remember one evening -- maybe 11 p.m. -- I was sitting in a coffee place in San Francisco and a guy came in carrying a newspaper. I must have been looking over his shoulder 'cause I hadn't seen those headlines before, or something, and he saw me and he just gave it to me. It was THE NEXT DAY'S CHRONICLE. He said he worked for the paper. It was like discovering you live in the Matrix. Like, how many days in advance did they have the news planned out?

Anna Griffin, JTTF and the Big O 03.May.2005 16:46

mike munk lastmarx2@netscape.com

I had just complained to Anna about her previous coverage of the JTTP issue, in which she was fear-mongering by focusing on sources that accused Potter et al of endangering the lives of Portlanders, etc, when the headlined piece appeared. I wrote her that in contrast to her previous playing to the editorial side, this one was "fair and balanced." Didn't know then that it was pulled off the front page in later editions but does anyone know where it ended up?