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Please post any and all info TODAY folks on anything happening Sunday in Portland for May Day. Hardly found anything in a quick search of the site.

What's going on?!
Make your own protest 29.Apr.2005 12:35

DIY gal

I don't know what's happening, but I do know I, personally, am being screwed as a low-income worker. And the government isn't helping. And kids are getting screwed, old people are getting screwed, and it seems like only the rich get "fair" treatment (i.e. health care, access to resources, etc.). And I want to yell about it! So, hopefully, will others. I heard that it's the Park Blocks, in the afternoon, but I'm not sure...Maybe I'll just show up with a sign and homemade stickers and bother downtown shoppers. Maybe everyone should do the same!

Hey! Where's Chris, that J with J guy? 29.Apr.2005 13:39

He's usually pretty good about posting here....

I know Jobs with Justice is doing something in the park blocks. Not sure of the time, though. Just so many things going on now, so many struggles. Sigh.

2PM 29.Apr.2005 14:21


I've heard North Park Blocks 2pm Sunday.
Its a march and i've heard about 1000 people will be there but i don't know for sure. Hopefully ther'll be more.

Jobs with Justice is one of many endorsers, but not leading it 29.Apr.2005 15:03

Chris, that J with J guy

Jobs with Justice has endorsed this rally, but is not the main organizer of it. Here's what I know--there will be a rally that starts at Noon, then a march at 2pm. I believe there will be a few stops, but not certain. As for how many people will be there, it's hard to say. Let's hope it's huge, and it could be, since it's on a Sunday.

The themes are:
Resisting Privatization
Providing Health Care for All
Promoting the Right to Organize
Defending Women's Rights
Defending Civil Liberties

May Day Downtown 29.Apr.2005 22:48


Rally begins at noon in the North Park blocks. There will be tabling, several speakers, music by General Strike. At 2:00 the march is scheduled to begin, winding through downtown, probably stopping at the World Trade Center and the immigration building. It will end this year at Terry Schrunk PLz. x from the Fed bldg.

for the love of fucking god, now is not the time to sit home crying about labor friendly john kerry, there'll be other democrats throwing crumbs to peasants soon enough. we will continue to work against the imperial wars, we will continue to work and fight for social justice, and we will take May Day to celebrate our solidarity with our international working class brothers and sisiters.

resist privatization.
health care.
right to organize.


see you there.