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What would you ask Senator Smith?

You'd think he'd want to answer our questions
Who's senator is he?

He thinks we don't elect him. His lobbyists get him elected. Maybe he thinks we are irrelevant.
The same thing I would ask Wyden! 29.Apr.2005 09:58


I would ask Smith the same thing I would ask Wyden...

"Why are you a corporatist militarist who ignores the will of your constituancy?"

Ineffective 29.Apr.2005 10:07

hatchet woman

If you are spineles, how about stepping down, enjoy life on your farm/ranch, and let someone with integrity take your place in Washington DC. What do you say?

I'd Ask Him... 29.Apr.2005 13:22

Eye Wonder

...considering his advocacy of suicide prevention, what can be done about the rising rate of suicides among members of our armed forces, and how can these military members be better deterred against spraying the brains of their friends & family around the house, as they return from the failed, illegal, brutal, and inhumane adventure in Iraq; especially as they learn that the debacle was based wholly on a pile of lies, greed, hatred, ignorance, and propaganda?

attn: liberals 30.Apr.2005 01:38

stop waiting for permission

Do you think the Republicans ask their guys questions? Hell no, they TELL the motherfuckers what to DO!

"Why are you a spineless wretch?" I don't CARE why they're spineless wretches!