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Good News For Gulf War Vets With Skin Cancers

If there is such a thing.
Many of the biologicals tested during the first bush war in the mideast cause drastic and bad skin cancers (Cutaneous Manifestations Of Infective Bioterror Agents--CDC). The doctors eyes are bugging out and smoke is coming out they ears. Our country has been attacked the bush family who is fronting for a foreign power in Americas Government. Our prize soldiery, the best of the best, have been debilitated and destroyed. As well as our population at large. Visit www.beyondtreason.com

There is massive evidence that all this bush nastiness has slowly infected the population here, and the stats support it. Ask any derm doctor they know, they see it daily, and visit www.luxefaire.com/real/index.html...it is not pretty but it is real. This was put on me in Florida 11/2002 a month or so after the anthrax attax -- I was sold a matress intentioanlly infected with a bio terror agent... once infected, the growth became a skin cancer extraordinaire, it would not go away...surgery spread it...it just got worse and worse and was highly reactive to certain directed energy weapons deployed by various methods. Finally massive surgery removed the majority of it, and once the sking graft healed the VA wanted me to undergo 6 weeks of radiation....I opted for alternative treatment of bloodroot paste which I had studied.

The bloodroot pastes WORK!!! No recurrence now, even though the new cancer had already begun to spread across my skin graft. The bloodroot paste killed it all, and removed all cancerous tissue, laying down new skin in the process. I am sure people like the bush crime family have done their best to keep this stuff covered up. Bloodroot paste is also known as Indian Mud, and Black Salve.

It is aggressive, painful, and a somewhat lengthy process, but much much better than the alternative.

Visit  http://www.cancersalves.com. Get the book. Pass it on.

good idea 30.Apr.2005 17:48


ive heard of the before. They were used by Harry Hoxey in his clinics, and apparently did work.