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Mrs. W was here...Where were we?!?

The First Lady was here Thursday, and I just now heard about it!
Why wasn't the welcome wagon out to greet her? Where were the postings? It couldn't have been such a big secret. Apparently little ol' Laura was in NE to talk about a program for low-income students, or something. That's all well and good, but it seems like we missed a grand opportunity to give her a message to take back to her husband! I'm sorry to say this city is letting me down again and again when it comes to action. Well, hope to see you all May Day!
I heard the news when she got here 29.Apr.2005 01:07


I heard the news as she was arriving. I think it was kept quiet until maybe an hour before she came. Just a guess.

May Day? 29.Apr.2005 08:41


Where is the news about the May Day march? It's as if it's not going to happen, yet I thought it was set for 2 pm at the N. Park Blocks. Who knows?

It's just as well we leave Laura alone. She didn't even bring any money pledged for the childrens' program.

I'm bushed 29.Apr.2005 10:28

a sensitive

I was home throwing up.

Kept Quiet, like 29.Apr.2005 11:23

her hubby's "press conference"

Laura's visit was kept quiet, just like W's "press conference" from last night (Thursday). As expected, the press conference was nothing more than a dog-and-pony show for his Social Security plans. The journalists who asked questions were either Karl Rove plants (somebody has to replace Jeff Gannon) or pawns who hoped they could make a difference but instead fell into the trap. W made an effort to make his answers look off-the-cuff, but it's easy to see when somebody is looking at teleprompters--I believe the term is "disingenuous" (read: shifty). Watching this, all I could think of was Karl Rove's new tactic of preparing and disseminating highly partisan "newslike" video as if they were actual journalistic efforts. These "newsbits" have not been broadcast locally, but they are being consumed everywhere else as if they are actual news reports.

We can take some small consolation knowing that Laura was here THE DAY we booted the jackboot thugs out of Portland. Take that back to Washington, you chain-smoking, misguided southern belle, you.

Billy Rubin

Swarms of Rovian Cyborgs 29.Apr.2005 13:48


Was she wearing a box on her back--for satellite hookup back to Central Control?