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You don't have to be a Senator to fillibuster

Princeton "Filibuster Frist" Student Protest Enters Its 59th 60th ... 62nd 64th Hour!

There's a LIVE web cam, refreshed every 30 seconds, or with lLIVE video feed, if you're set up for that --


Students have been protesting round-the-clock outside the Frist Campus Center at Princeton University, denouncing the "Nuclear Option" being pushed by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, Class of 1974. Yes, it's that Frist's campus center -- building funded by a $25 million donation from Senate Republican leader Frist and his family.
Blogger report from the scene --

The protest started at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, April 26, and it will continue as long as students, faculty, and members of the community step forward to protest one-party rule (we're booked solid through Saturday).

Speakers are going all night - despite rain, drunken heckling, and attempts by campus security and Princeton borough police to shut down the protest. We've been gathering outside the Frist Campus Center, a building funded by a $25 million donation from Bill Frist and his family.

Students and a few faculty members have read from biographies of the judicial nominees, poetry, the Constitution, Monty Python, the Declaration of Independence, Princeton's "Rights Rules and Responsibilities" policy, the Princeton University student phonebook, articles and editorials on "Justice Sunday," Wendell Berry essays, and children's books. We've also enjoyed some lighter moments of ad-libbing.
blogger report by 'Cool Blue Reason'

Thu Apr 28th, 2005

FANTASTIC! 30.Apr.2005 15:29

Portlander in Princeton kwolfgan@princeton.edu

It is wonderful to see that you have picked up this story. I wonder how it made its way to PDX? I'm from Portland and at school here at Princeton University--and coming back in three weeks, just in time for the Village Building Convergence...yay!... But for now, I am under the tent providing support at the Frist Center Filibuster. And it warms my heart to see that our event is being covered at home!