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Desert Storm Veteran Against the War Speaking at PSU

Desert Storm Veteran Dennis Kyne will be speaking at PSU Friday, April 28th, 7PM.
Dennis Kyne, Medic, Nuclear and Chemical weapons specialist, will be speaking at the Smith Memorial Center at Portland State University, Room 225 at 7 PM. Dennis is an expert on the effects of Deplected Uranium and Anthrax Vaccines forced on Desert Storm Veterans, and used in the current illegal invasion/occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. Dennis will be speaking on REAL support for the troops, emphasizing the search for truth over blind patriotism. Please come to hear and support this courageous speaker.

More information at Denniskyne.com
Clarification: Friday, April 29th... 28.Apr.2005 22:48

activ8 producer

Smith Center Room 225 Friday April 29th 7PM