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Public Psyop Demo: Baby Bush will throw temper tantrum on social security tonight

if you have the stomach to turn to your favorite propaganda channel tonight, at 8pm EST you can see if you spot the wires or rove under the desk, you'll also get a little texas sales pitch on energy(oil), social security, and if your real lucky he might talk about activist judges for the common-folk.
With poll numbers just hovering at 50%(41% in Arizona) since the president's RE-ELECTION just five months ago and allegations of fraud still looming, president Bush will make his 4th appearance to the nation tonight at 8pm EST.

Losing ground on many polls except terror, which does not include Iraq, Americans will get a chance to see him propose his "new initiatives" and won't hear too much on his unsuccessful old ones(or those yet to be completed). President Bush will give us a taste of what's in store for the haves, have-mores, have-some-mores, and his favorite, the filthy stinkin' rich!

Tune in and play spot the spin!
his lips are moving 28.Apr.2005 18:17


>Tune in and play spot the spin!

He lies anytime you see his lips are moving. I've come to the
conclusion that ANYTHING King George and his cronies offer to us...

...is BAD!

Thanks but I'm not a masochist... 28.Apr.2005 19:49


What!? Watch that fucking asshole Bush during prime time on TV??? You've gotta be kidding. Like, it's not enough that every time I read a news website or listen to news reports on the radio or even merely glance at any newspaper, it's always the same old shit: Bush this, Bush that, Bush here, Bush there...add fucking nauseam! It's as if nothing else in the Universe existed but this fucking asshole Bush!

And, mind you we have all had to endure 4 years of this ALREADY. Please! Enough already! One has to temper their exposure to noxious gasses from Texas for their own mental health!

Thanks but no thanks 'Critical Bastard'. Gonna hafta pass this 1/2 hour or so of shameless inveterate lying by southern pea-brained hillbilly from Texas Bush up.


well shit you missed it 29.Apr.2005 06:26


how do you expect to rub salt in a wound after his own embarassing display? this was one of his better attempts at lying. I know it pains the ears and eyes, but this guy couldn't sell a cordoba to a blind elderly man.

he tried not to use it, but it's the only thing he's got, when asked why there was so much partisanship and why so much division, he replied that "he's trying"...but get this one..."we came together after 9/11"

was that a hint that the only thing that will bring us together is another terrorist attack? is that why he keeps trying to instigate one? how many people are blackmailing this guy? he's made all of our intelligence out to be fools for his lies, they can't even keep our country safe from blackmailers and then to save embarassment they go into coverup mode instead.

I like seeing bush on tv, every time the string pullers bring him out, it's just another chance to catch him and the corp media in their lies that have resulted in murder, rape, corruption, and illegal wars. If you didn't watch it, you missed seeing our "leader" tripping on every word and looking like the spoiled rich kid who isn't getting his way. I expected to see him call for daddy any minute. I was wrong, it was worse then a temper tantrum, but well worth the price of admission. Since he's too scared to let me ridicule him to his face with my owl costume and white ruby slippers, I'll just let his kids do a search and get a good laugh here. shout out to the feds too - whachool@@kinat? go catch some evil-doers will ya.