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Coffee Cup Crusade

we are sending in coffee mugs to the VP of Entercom portland to protest the dismanteling of Max910, ( home of the Rick Emerson show, Newsman Tim Reily , and Clyde Lewis.
Rick Emerson Fans have started a grassroots movement to get Entercom Portland to bring back some of the Local Live shows they took off the air last week when they killed Max910am to bring Charliefm to portland ( automated simocast garbage format invented so they dont have to pay local on air talent) T o protest we are sending empty coffee mugs with a note saying we lost our morning fill, please refill our cup.In the first 3 days of protest we have sent in nearly 1,000 mugs and almost 300 hand written letters. All the help we could gte it this would be great . Remember this is about more than getting Rick his job back, its about not letting Corporate greed ruin local radio/media. the following fan sight www.geekinthecity.com has started the movement and the following is from his sight :

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Your friendly neighborhood Geek just received a transmission from his "Deep Throat". After using my Little Orphan Annie Decorder Ring I read the following:

"Dude, Rick's listeners are really having an impact
down here. In addition to all the coffee cups coming
in, they've been emailing our sponsors and telling
them they'll stop buying their products unless the
show comes back. And there's people protesting in
front of the station right now, it's crazy."

We ARE making a difference. Keep fighting. Keep the mugs coming. Keep telling two more people. Keep talking to those sponsers!

We can win this! The "bastards" are flinching!

!!!Tally Update!!!

868 mugs
247 separate letters

I want to give a huge shout out to all the fans from all around this great country who are sending in their support. Your mugs may take a little longer...but they WILL make a difference!

The Coffee Cup Crusade. Have you told two more people?

by Aaron Duran : 6:05 PM : Comments (38) | Trackback (0) | Link to this post

Yea, so that was a cheesy title, what can you do?

I saw today that the Serenity trailer will debut online. For those who don't know, Serenity is the film spinoff of the CANCELED Fox program Firefly. Firefly was loved by the fans but treated poorly by the powers that be. Dumped after one season, the fans decided to not go quietly into the night. They bought the DVD in record numbers and pounded the offices of Fox Entertainment. The result? Serenity coming to a theater near you.

It can be done!

First off, I wanted to give a huge thanks to everyone who came to Ground Zero Lounge last night. It fills this cynical Geek's heart with joy to see so many people rallying behind this cause!

I also want to thank all the people who are keeping me updated on the Coffee Cup Crusade via emails and postings. I wish I could respond to each one personally but the downside to having so many fans dedicated to Rick and Clyde is... I simply can't keep up! (I guess there are worse problems to have eh?)

I would love to hear how the meeting at the Ross Island Market went. I so wish I could have been there, but some unavoidable and important issues are keeping me home bound for the moment.

Well, enough sappy wanking right?! Lets get to the real reason you are reading this CCC update! Tallying the numbers from emails, comments, and calls I've received since the last mugs count... we are at... drum roll please...

845 mugs
235 separate letters

This is impressive people! While I can't speak for Rick, Clyde, Tim, and the rest of the MAX910 dudes and babes, I can say that I am happy and humbled beyond words to see fans rise up in such a way!

Keep the mugs rolling in!

For every mug you drop off or mail.
Tell two people.
Tell them to tell two people!
Make the Coffee Cup Crusade grow!

Also... I am noticing some results from fans who are contacting various Entercom sponsers. The message IS getting through. Again, thank you for being civil with your comments.

Keep checking your friendly neighborhood Geek for updates as well as Rick Emerson, Clyde Lewis, Tim's News Desk, Barfly Magazine, and the lovely Nerdy Girl for more information!

I'll say it again... The bastard knocked us down... but they had no idea we would rise back up... bigger, faster, stronger!

by Aaron Duran : 1:50 PM : Comments (16) | Trackback (0) | Link to this post
Tuesday, April 26, 2005

It's been a long weekend for your friendly neighborhood Geek. Unlike most folks, my life becomes exponentially busier on weekends. I actually look forward to Mondays. Monday is my day to sleep in. Monday is my day to organize all the work I did over the weekend. Monday is also the day that I could look forward to a solid 3 hours of fun. That didn't happen this time. It hit me all over again. Corporate America has again taken something that I took real joy in listening to. Sure, I'm listening to the best of on Rick Emerson, but I want more. I want my boys back! (Girl too, but she got a "real" job, so I can't fault her).

I've stated proudly and many times over that Geeks are a passionate lot. That they rarely roll over and go queitly when the man takes something away from them. It was Geeks that saved Star Trek with a letter writing campaign when the concept hadn't even been invented. Thinking of that made me realize that I have to do more then simply sit here and lament that fact that Entercom has taken away my entertainment. That Entercom has taken my choice away from me. Sitting here and writing about how much corporate America licks Borg sac isn't enough. I need to do what needs to be done.

Turning death into a fighting chance to live.

It took a lot of energy to fight my initial thought of simply going all Bandit, Reynolds style, at the powers that be. How do you get a message across and not get yourself tossed in jail?

Director and artist extrodinare Joni DeRouchie and myself came up with a simple concept that gets the point across perfectly.

I have lost count at the amount of emails and phone call I've received asking what can be done. Asking how the fans can get their morning fix of Rick! (And their night shot of Clyde)

That's when the idea hit...

Morning fix!

Dropping the idea of busted radios and smelly cans of rotting tuna... I, your friendly neighborhood Geek and the lovely Joni ask that if you REALLY want to phyiscally display your anger and dismay to Entercom follow these simple steps.

1 - Take any coffee mug. (I know there are some new unused KISN FM97.1 mugs lying about).
2 - Place a note within said mug saying anything you want... But, try to be civil and make sure you say... "I need my fix. I need Rick Emerson, Tim Riley, and Clyde Lewis back on the air".
3 - Place both note and mug in a box and mail it down to the following:

Entercom Portland
ATTN: Jack Hutchison
700 SW Bancroft St.
Portland, OR 97239

For all you visual fans (like me)...Google Maps

Better yet... Only those out of town listeners mail it. Us Portlanders can march on down to Entercom Portland. Hand them mugs over! We march for damn near everything else...Wouldn't it be nice to make a friggen difference for once!?

Coffee Cup Crusade!


Fight the Man. Fight Entercom. Bring our boys back!

If this doesn't work... Well... I know where to get me some monkeys!

I've had some people send me more information about venting your concern about how Entercom is treating both its listeners and sponsers. With that in mind, I've added sales and/or corporate contact information for some of Entercom Portland's larger advertisers. I'm sure some of these companies would be concerned if customers stopped using their products and/or service due to management choice. As always, keep all contact civil and polite.

The Ram GEICO Applebees Langdom Farms

Portland Trailblazers KOIN News 6

I've also been sent phone numbers of companies who lack an available email contact address:

Les Schwab Tire Centers: 541-447-4136
PGE Park Comment Line: 503-553-5410
Timberline Dodge: 503-234-0771
Car Toys Corporate: 206-443-0980
Rasmussen BMW: 503-226-0380
Wentworth Chevrolet: 866-306-4964
Dick Hannah Automall: 360-256-5000 or 503-252-4868

I also offer myself as the official mug / email counter. That being said, please drop me a line and let me know how many mugs and/or emails you've sent to Entercom and/or their sponsers. You can reach me here:


Keep fighting!

The bastards have knocked us down...Don't let them keep us there!

The amount of emails I've received from folks saying they are sending in mugs and letters has been simply amazing! (Not to mention the emails being sent to Entercom and their sponsers) A huge shout out to my fellow Portlanders. You people know how to rally. Not a prime demographic my arse! Also great to see so many fans from around the country getting behind the shows and standing up against brainless corporations...

Sorry, doing my best to not turn into a Star Wars quoting Ralph Nader...Heh... Darth Nader... Sorry.

Rise up!

by Aaron Duran : 8:10 AM : Comments (58) | Trackback (0) | Link to this post
Friday, April 22, 2005