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Democracy for Oregon Leadership Summit and Conference

Calling all activists! Democracy for Oregon invities you to attend a leadership training summit at Portland State University on may 21st. Discussions and training sessions by the top progressive leaders in oregon.


Register for the first annual Progressive Leadership Summit, co-sponsored by Democracy for Oregon, the PSU College Democrats., PSU Greens, and the PSU Progressive Student Union.

We are very excited to welcome the following top progressive leaders to our first annual summit on May 21st at Portland State University, Cramer Hall:

Keynote Speakers:

Chairman Jim Dean, Democracy for America
Congressman Earl Blumenauer
Rep. Peter Buckley, Or House District 5

Special Guest Thom Hartmann, Author and KPOJ host


Legislative Lobbying: How to win friends and influence people in Salem and D.C.

  • Tim Nesbitt, President, Oregon AFL-CIO

Effective Grassroots Organizing: Towards a summer of action in '05

  • Arthur Towers, Executive Director, SEIU 503

Crashing the Party: A insurgents guide to the Democratic Party

  • Jenny Greenleaf, Oregon DNC Committeewoman

Staying Power: Building progressive organizations to last.

  • Jefferson Smith, Executive Director, Bus Project

Running Strong: The Candidates Guide to running for political office.

  • Pete Sorenson, Oregon Gubernatorial Candidate

Take Democracy Back: Using the citizen's initiative process to reclaim our government

  • Lloyd Marbet, Oregon Fair Elections


  • Chris Warshaw, Democracy for America Political Director

What Liberal Media? Technology as the great emancipator from corporate media.

  • Kari Chisolm (Blue Oregon), Lenny Dee (Onward Oregon), Jenni Simonis, Ginny Ross

Media Reform and Building a Rapid Response Team

  • Ruth Atkins (Rapid Response Network)

Whose Democracy is It, Anyway? Election Reform in Oregon and America

  • Jerry Adams & Beth Peterson, Oregon Voter's Rights Coalition

The technology of organizing

  • Lew Frederick(DFA Meetup Host) and Ginny Ross(Democracy for Oregon)

Buying Green: The environmental politics of Wal-Mart and what we're doing about it.

  • Michael Marx, Business Ethics network

Fabulous Fundraising: How we raised a half million dollars for progressives in the 2004 election.

homepage: homepage: http://www.dfosummit.com
phone: phone: 503.435.7118