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[n] obstruction of progress, especially in verbal argument
delay, hindrance, holding the floor, interference, opposition, postponement, procrastination, stonewalling, talkathon

Pointless: [adj] ridiculous, senseless
absurd, aimless, around in circles, fruitless,
futile, going nowhere, impotent, insane, inconsequential,
ineffective , ineffectual, insignificant, in vicious circle,
irrelevant, meaningless, needle in haystack, nongermane,
nonsensical, not pertinent, on treadmill, powerless,
purportless, remote, silly, stupid, trivial, unavailing,
uninteresting, unnecessary, unproductive, unprofitable
useless, vague, vain, worthless

the right to say as much
as can possibly be said to stop
the flow of others have opinions
we must express through
verbal exchange of meanings
weaving the tapestry of civilized congress
from filaments of words strung through time
so: this world constructed of headless
human hot air balloons making light
of greenhouse gases only poisonous
en masse we raise our piles of discard-
ed verbiage by the tonnage to clog
up landfills already leaking toxic
ideology all spilling over coating
seals in petroleum-based insulate against
the hazardous mediaterials that nonetheless
seeps sans habeus corpus through
the sacrosanctity of individualism
is words flung haphazardly out of
the phone book to a deaf audience
each looking for a life mate in the classifieds
who will help them decide
whether death in utero or by comatose
starvation should ride alongside the miscarriage
of congressional oversight of birth right
in our immoral value system—
itized deception and ideological
Texas-sized gerrymandering—the gathering together
of disparate points to construct a faith-based
point of departure
leaving yesteryear for the nonexistent overpopulated
exis/tinction in tomorrow's Gaia
organizations we know out of whack
putting the strugglers out of work almost
until they have filled an emptying room full
of outcry against the endless reach of
evangelical whiteness bleaching the four
corners of the world with a singular
and so undermined democracy without
the possibility of dissent descending into
easily-replaceable perpetual obsolescence
of entropy-defying mechanisms almost
as though human cresence needed another excuse
to be suicidal on a 1 to 10 scale
of one species decimating the odds
are with us in this victory somehow death
seems only dignified in its corrupted
assemblage of individual meanings
one think tank thought-muted voice-over raising a fist
to beat down the nongermane word—
what is unrestricted
is not free
it is just the only
chance we've got

-poem by ana cooke

homepage: homepage: http://www.salvationinc.org

GREAT poem ! 27.Apr.2005 23:18

Progressive Democrat

As for the prose stuff, here's whassup --
What's happening is that Bush may be finding that there are limits to his power. Not only in Iraq, but right there in Washington, D.C.! Bush is powerful, however, in evil ways -- and so the opposition to his power is only possible because the American people are watching, showing that they care and making their opinions known.

From a report from Monday, but now being proven accurate, by blogger "Armando" --

<< The most important statement from Reid, in my opinion, was that he believed that if Frist had the votes in the Senate to push the "nuclear" button, he would have done so TODAY. So when Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), the GOP whip, claims that Frist has the votes for the "nuclear option," we should not believe him.

<< Apparently, there are a core of sane Republican Senators who realize the irreparable damage that would be caused by Frist's going "nuclear." These Republicans Senators appear to be Sens. McCain of Arizona, Chafee of RI, Snowe of Maine, Hagel of Nebraska, Collins of Maine, Sununu of New Hampshire, Smith of Oregon, Graham of South Carolina, Lugar of Indiana, Specter of Pennsylvania, Warner of Virginia. . . . The political pressure they are facing must be enormous.

[NOTE: "Smith of Oregon"]

<< As Senator Reid noted, President Bush is not gracious in defeat. For example, while it is clear that the country has completely rejected the President's plan to dismantle Social Security, Bush simply cannot accept this. Similarly with the fiasco that is the Bolton nomination, Bush has demonstrated almost irrational stubbornness. Now Cheney, which means Bush, has come out publicly in favor of Frist's "nuclear option." Even more pressure on these Republican Senators.

<< A couple of other points: The Democratic Senators are unanimous in opposition to Frist's "nuclear option." That includes Senator Biden, Senator Nelson, Senator Salazar, Senator Pryor and Senator Lieberman. All Democrats stand with with Reid in opposition to Frist's "nuclear option."

<< Senator Reid also acknowledged a need to explain more comprehensively the basis for the Democratic opposition to Bush's previously rejected and now renominated judicial nominees. Senator Reid assured us that the substantive case for opposing Bush's previously rejected nominees will continue to be made, and in a more forceful and detailed fashion.
Armando said he was working from a "conference call [Monday] with Senator Harry Reid, the Senate Democratic leader, and several Lefty bloggers."


Somebody better tell 28.Apr.2005 00:14

Smith's office elves

The Aide (didn't gte her name) who came out to talk to us today at his office (us being about 75-100 folks who came down from the MoveOn rally a few blocks away)indicated that he was going to "go nuclear" if a compromise was not reached.

Since then I have been told that this compromise would have the Dems allow some of the Bush judicial nominees to go thru and the reward for this would be no "nukes". I hope they won't give in to this obvious blackmail.

Now, I am not claiming my info (direct observation of statements from someone who was supposed to know) is any more valid than the poster's. All I am saying is I heard it a bit different. Tellya the truth, I like Progressive Democrat's version better. Either way one thing is sure.

The war and occupation of Iraq rages on, and for the last few days everyone has been at least marginally distracted from that fact- again. Perhaps they have also been distracted from the fact that the Army says they are running out of money- only days after 80 billion has been granted to fight this immoral and illegal conflict. Yes, the filibuster fracas is legit, absolutely. It's also a boon to the Bushies, even as it becomes a setback for them (we all hope).

"The war and occupation of Iraq rages on" 28.Apr.2005 14:21

Progressive Democrat

Thankyou for that comment. That very thought has been seething beneath the surface of my mind all along -- how does this filibuster thing fit into the big picture? Seems to me that things are all of whack when a nation cannot recognize war as the greatest evil and so stopping an unjust war as the highest priority. However, that seems to be what it comes down to, after you strip away the "but I do support our troops" stuff.

So what we do is we just keep flowing like water, taking whatever path is available to us --

<< Nothing in the world is as soft and yielding as water,
<< Yet nothing can better overcome the hard and strong,
<< For they can neither control nor do away with it.

-- from Chapter 78 ("Yielding") of the TAO TE CHING


I am skeptical of any "compromise" because the Democrats have already compromised by passing on over 200 of Bush's nominees! BUT, I guess it's a possibility. Frist's latest "offer" is total bullshit -- limiting debate to "up to" 100 hours -- nothing but a "soft" nuclear option. Reid, however, has suggested that it might be considered IF the nuclear option is taken off the table. I don't see how the Republicans can really guarantee that with Bush's Supreme Court nominee coming later this year. Also, I don't see how the Democrats can possibly let Myers (a professional anti-environmental activist) be appointed to the 9th Circuit without a bloody battle.

I don't know what Smith will ultimately do if it comes down to a vote on the filibuster rule. Sounds like he's seriously straddling a fence.

BTW I just posted a commentary on this thing --

<< The other "nuclear option" >>


Not to mention 28.Apr.2005 18:29


Dennis Kucinich's announcement this week that Bush is probably looting Social Security in order to pay for the Iraq war.

Meanwhile, back East... 29.Apr.2005 04:07

Mr. Smith

Meanwhile, back East in Northampton, MA over 50 demonstrators gathered on the city hall steps to add their voices to the growing demand that repugnicons stop trashing democracy and packing the courts with extremist trash. We'd direct you to the WMass Indy site for more details, but the repubs neo-nazi friends have hacked our site, proving once again that the far-right is allergic to opposition.

after the sincere and logical talk with youre dad 29.Jun.2005 01:28

Joke?(formally c.d.)

Dear Ana I could relate to being the first part of youre poem but it may be that of how I mirror myself. No one can write with you and no can steal your words. The band you have with Craig is noteworthy also.
you were right. things are better. I been to a yoga center, study tantra,and make meditation a routine part of my existence. I have found my own self love and focus my anger and turn it into compassion. Professor Miller also was part of a series of painful but fullfilling events that have helped me help myself. I now understand myself being a fiery pitta who has to watch my own behavior cocerned with envy. Now I only concentrate on making cds and playing out in public. Being at the yoga center I found lots of unconventional ppl like you and I. I accept everything as god and have become more critical and focus intently on making good art. Being critical is good. I am still going to continue with that one experimental opera of the guy who turns into the woman that you took offense to but it is different and more about the music interlaced with different methods like using math as a compositional tool. I am done with SCCC and have a friend in Americore out in CO.I had a dream yesterday which tell me I am not over things and regret things between us. I wanted to comminicate that hopefully you will never read this.